Employers, 5 Essential Tips Explaining How To Recruit During COVID-19

Adam Dolman

You’re a hiring manager and COVID-19 lockdown has just come into play.

What do you do?

It would be reasonable to feel like you need to bring all your hiring to a halt until the market settles. But we are here to tell you that a recruitment freeze may not be the right answer for your organisation.

Talented candidates are still eagerly looking for new jobs and it is in your interest to ensure you don’t miss out on those key candidates that are going to help propel your business through this testing time and beyond.

Here are 5 tips to help you hire those key candidates during the corona lockdown period:

1. Talk to a specialist recruiter

So long as you are speaking with a recruiter that specialises in your industry, recruitment consultants can be a great source of information during these times of uncertainty. Not only do they have an understanding of the candidates in the market, but they also know what plans and strategies your competitors are adopting during this period.

2. Hire contractors

If your team still has work to carry out but is unable to do so due to staff absences, you may need to hire contractors or temporary workers to support your workforce. Hiring contractors via a recruitment agency is the most straightforward option because they take care of the administrative headaches. Not only will they pay your temps, but they will also take care of conducting the necessary legal checks. As a hiring manager, all you need to do is induct your temporary workers into the business once they arrive.

3. Digitalise your interview process

With the newly enforced government guidelines on social distancing, companies are adapting by making use of telephone and Skype interviews. Much to their delight, hiring managers are enjoying this streamlined and convenient way of interviewing as it saves time for both the employer and the candidate. Sometimes it takes a crisis to make you realise more efficient ways of working.

4. Cash is King – agree an alternative payment plan

Understandably you will be keeping your business’ cash close and making cuts where possible. We recognise this need and have adapted more flexibility around our recruitment fee payment plans. Arrangements can be made to stagger hiring fees or put in place extra protection around your investment.

5. Delay start dates

Instead of rescinding offers, remember that the economy will pick up again and you ultimately offered that candidate a position in your company for a reason: you felt that they would add value to your organisation. Agreed, the timing might not be right to start a new role, but the workaround for this is to delay the start date so that your business can continue to benefit from this skilled candidate when the time isright.

No doubt this is a challenging time for all employers, but it is important to highlight that the market is already adapting to these changes and there are plenty of recruitment options available to ensure your business continues on a steady path.

Written for Stirling Warrington by Vanessa Ramkissoon

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