Maintenance Engineers, could this be the right time to secure a new role?

Adam Dolman

For us at Stirling Warrington, each week is getting busier than the last- thankfully. The vast majority of what we do is outsourced recruitment for permanent Maintenance Engineer vacancies and I have a feeling that if you have had your eye on a particular role that this may be the right time to pull the trigger and fire your CV across to us.

We have seen redundancies spread across Britain like wildfire recently and understandably, many people are hesitant to pursue a career move. What I can tell you from the inside is that yes, some industries are suffering- Aerospace, Automotive and food manufacturers that supply caterers and events companies spring to mind- however, many other industries are still producing, still manufacturing and most importantly, still running their machines. If they’re still running their machines, they still need a skilled Maintenance department to keep everything running effectively and efficiently. As a Maintenance Engineer, you are the lifeblood of the Engineering department, an essential worker, someone they cannot do without.

Do you know what they are doing without at the moment? Almost everything else! Marketing roles are being put on hold; Sales people cannot conduct meetings; Internal Recruiters can’t interview for most roles and Projects roles are on hold because no one is spending any money.

The reality is, we need to keep making things, we need to keep selling things, we need Maintenance Engineers. If you are holding back from applying for your dream role, or if you are stopping yourself from leaving a job you hate- I’d urge you to reconsider. As long as you move into an industry we cannot do without, you are likely to be safer than anybody else out there on the job market…

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