New Consultant To Lift Our Technical Division to New Heights.

Adam Dolman

This year has seen us grow at an unprecedented rate. We’ve gone from a 2-man band to a team of 16 in just 6 years. Which is mental – but great! 

Today I get to announce another exciting development with this new member starting with us. We’ve launched a new Technical and Service desk, with Sunny More joining the team. 

About Our Senior Recruiter Sunny 

Normally, you’ll hear the phrase ‘I fell into recruitment’. But Sunny is a little different. He has a passion for sales and thrives off the challenges business development brings.  

Previously, he worked in telecommunications which is where his love of sales and being proactive with customers stems from. But, with this interest, it was only natural to be intrigued by our industry when looking for a new role came around.  

However, he didn’t start in sales. He’s seen the full breadth of roles this sector has to offer, working from account management through to a full 360 role, before becoming a senior. But why the interest in business development? 

Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Firstly, he likes the challenge and loves showing how recruitment can benefit clients – not hinder them. Then there’s the helping people side of it. He likes to dig deep to understand your requirements, and then do two things. Firstly, he’ll show you what’s available based on your exact requirements. Then he’ll take it one step further and show a new way to approach things- which you do need in this market.  

He’ll find a way to make recruitment work and he’ll be proactive! Which aligns with our values perfectly:

Do the Right Thing

Embrace Change

Find a Way

Now, Sunny is joining us with over 8 years of recruitment experience and is raring to set up this new arm of our division. 

What will our Technical and Service Recruitment Desk involve? 

As a new desk within our Technical Engineering division, we’ll be starting off small and specialise in one area. Starting with the Lift and Escalator industry, within this, we’ll cover everything service orientated.  

Although we’re going specific with our industry, our reach will extend across the UK. Once this desk is established, we’ll move into other industries – but will still have a focus on Service.  

Why Stirling Warrington 

Sunny has worked at a couple of recruitment agencies, so has a good idea of what the industry has to offer recruiters. So, we wanted to know what made him choose us: 

I’ve heard a couple of things about Stirling Warrington, and one thing stood out to me. They have a refreshing approach to recruitment. 

They give you the tools, well the best tools in the market, to do your job and then you can just get on with it. But if you need support then it’s there. You’re not left on your own, but you’re left to work independently. Which, as a Senior, is exactly what you need.  

Something that I’m looking forward to in this role is testing myself. Starting from scratch and building a desk from the ground up. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow both myself and Stirling Warrington! 

What does this mean for you? 

So. What does Sunny joining the team mean for our customers? Our candidates and clients that we work so closely with to create a solution that works for them – not against them.  

Well, you’ll be able to use our services in more areas as we’ve expanded our engineering recruitment capacity. But with his experience, you’ll still receive a high level of service that is tailored to what you need.  

Finally, on a more selfish point, it brings a well-respected recruiter to the team. Someone with longevity in the industry, who brings passion and enthusiasm to the team. This will help our existing team as they’ll have another experienced recruiter to learn from. 

It’s a really exciting development. Both for us as an engineering recruitment agency and for our customers. I for one can’t wait to see where this goes!