Reflecting on 2020 and A ‘Must Ask’ in your next Interview!

Original post date: October 29, 2021
Adam Dolman

Christmas, a time for festivities, family and self-reflection. Reflecting on the usual- How did I perform? How did I do against my targets and how was my employer? Did I live and breathe their values? Crucially- did they?!

2020, the year that went too fast, too slow and too fast again. Work from home, face coverings, zoom meetings and 2 metres apart became the norm. Lockdowns, tiers and government advice- messages which changed direction faster than Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi grand prix…

I always say worry about what you can control and focus on the things you can change. 2020 has been a year of variables, businesses and individuals have had to make short, medium and long term decisions about things we really can’t predict.

Today, I have heard these statements from two candidates:

‘How my employer has treated me through 2020 is why I’m leaving’ and ‘My employer has been great through 2020- I’m committing to them long term and won’t forget what they’ve done for me’.

How has your employer behaved and treated you in 2020? Will it be the deciding factor as to whether you stay or look for something new?

On top of todays comments throughout the year I’ve heard some amazing stories of businesses who took on Sales staff after furlough but still paid them 100% of their wages to stay safe at home. Aldi, who have paid their staff an additional 10% and reduced payment terms to keep all their suppliers afloat ( I’ve also sadly heard lots of stories of businesses who’ve made staff work through furlough, held back pay or cut teams and overstretched remaining staff with no extra reward or recognition. Not delivering on promises, nor communicating why.

So, as we look for new challenges which could mean a shorter commute, less hours or more salary. Are values, stability and the way businesses have acted in the hardest times more important than ever?

I always recommend asking questions at the end of an interview and here’s a new one – ‘What did you do during the coronavirus with your staff? How would they say you handled the situation?’

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