Hello! We Are Stirling Warrington!

Our Story

At Stirling Warrington, we have built reputations in the industry as experts in our field. We have become the ‘go-to’ people if you are looking for Engineering or Local Head Office roles.

We are professional recruiters who strive for excellence on a daily basis and we believe it is crucial to recognise the importance of fantastic customer service. We do not over-complicate anything – we just do the simple things very well. We call you when we say we will, and we do our very best to secure the right deal for both clients and candidates.

Why partner with Stirling Warrington?

Excellent Sales staff supported by strength in Production is the lifeblood of any business- keeping your lights switched on and your cash flow healthy.

We recognise the importance of these positions, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to putting the right people into the right jobs. Your time is valuable, we will allow you to do your job and take the pressure out of your recruitment!