the trick in life is keeping things simple

It’s the same with recruitment. If you’re reading this you may have an interest in streamlining your recruitment, taking the pain out of your hiring process and ultimately saving time and money.

We want to be on your team, working with you to hire the best talent at a fixed cost.

It’s good for us because we know we are getting paid for working with you.

It’s good for you because:

  • Your cost is fixed, allowing you to budget for recruitment in a way you may never have been able to before
  • You know your recruitment partner has a vested interest in hiring the right person for you, not just the first person that comes along
  • A guaranteed reduction in agency spend
  • Professionally copywritten adverts, bespoke to your business
  • Exclusive candidates from those adverts
  • Dedicated point of contact, and regular site visits to make sure you are getting the right value out of our partnership

it really is that simple, cost benefits aside – you will receive a better service than the traditional ‘first past the post’ gunfight that is modern recruitment.




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