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But, what does that mean?

The construction industry is huge and truly reaches every corner of the UK. But there’s a huge part of this sector that is a bit hidden: the Building Materials sector. Where the sales and distribution of all materials you could need in construction are procured. From aggregates to bricks, artificial grass to cladding and everything in between. The scope within the industry is huge. The Building Merchants Members alone have a combined sales of over £44 billion and employ 205,000 people – and that’s just a small section! 

As a building materials recruitment specialist, we work with Suppliers, Distributors and more to hire Sales and Marketing professionals!  

But how are we a specialist? Well, let’s dive into how you get an expert service.

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Jobs In The Building Materials Sector

Specialist Recruitment Support

What We Get Up To In Building Materials

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Jobs in Building Materials

As a specialist building materials recruitment agency based in the Midlands, we’re in a unique position to support roles across the UK. Our team have made lasting partnerships with: 

  • Manufacturers and Suppliers 
  • Merchants and Distributors 
  • Trade Associations and Buying Society/Group 

These are just a few of the companies we work with in building materials, with a few active jobs! If you want to learn about what sales and marketing roles in this industry can look like, keep scrolling.

Current Jobs in Building Materials

Jobs in building material sales are the same as any other sales jobs. You’ll be managing a particular area or product, generating new business and maximising existing customers- a very normal sales job.  

So, what makes sales jobs in this industry different? 

Well, it’s all to do with the products and who you sell to. Whilst you’ll be selling one, or a handful of, products you will be selling to merchants or installers, or doing specifications sales or housebuilders. Managing the different requirements of each customer is where it gets tricky! 

Top Tips To Succeed in Sales!

If you’re coming into the industry – get involved! There are so many ways to progress because of the way the industry works, you just need to get stuck in.  

If you’re in the industry – Get as much experience as possible. Of each area or route to market. It’ll really help if you want to get into sales management! 

Marketing jobs are in a similar situation to sales jobs. As there are so many options for you to market. There is still a need for print and publication in Building Materials. But, like most modern marketing roles, you’ll have a strong digital marketing focus.  

All in all, it’s an interesting role as you need to target both B2B and B2C audiences. 

Why do you need to do both? Well, consumers will often recommend brands to contractors based on the content they see. So, you still need to be active on the B2C channels, things like Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok.  

Top Tips To Succeed in Marketing!

If you’re coming into the industry – Try not to focus too much on the sector. Instead, look at the skills you’ll develop by marketing through multiple markets and using a rich marketing mix.  

If you’re already a Marketer in the Industry – Remember to take every opportunity you get to add a new skill/certification. It’s easy to get stuck in the task wheel. But it’ll help you progress up the career ladder! 

Specialist Building Materials Recruitment Support


Attracting the right people. Retaining the team you’ve got.  

These are the challenges you face whilst recruiting in the Building Materials industry. Both of which have been heightened by one thing: Salaries Increasing. Now, salary increases are needed- especially in this climate. However, it is driving up the attraction/retention competition and leaving some companies behind.  

So, companies need to look for new ways to solve these problems. And that’s where we come in! Click below to learn just how we solve these for you:

There’s nothing worse than working with an agency who are looking for a quick buck in their pockets.  

Luckily, that’s not the recruitment service you’ll receive. As we don’t think like an agency, we think like a consultancy. When you use our bespoke building materials recruitment service, you’ll find yourself a long-term recruitment partner that’ll help the business scale with: 

  • Practical recruitment and market advice that keeps you ahead of the competition 
  • Thorough hiring standards that find the right person for the role 
  • Networking opportunities to cross-sell products 

To be successful in this market, you need out-of-the-box thinking and agility. Luckily, that’s what you get when you use our recruitment services. 

In fact, a lot of what we do is challenge the ‘hiring norms’ of the industry. Putting wildcards in front of you that focus on skills, not products (as that can be taught)! Or suggesting new avenues of opportunity, through apprenticeships or transferring into the industry.  

But, in order to do this, we need to form a close partnership! You can see just how we like to do this below.  

As a client, the process is pretty simple. After handing over the job details to our expert team, we do the rest. But each business is unique, and we want to be able to solve problems – not create them. So, we have a couple of recruitment services available to you.  

When you work with us, you’ll also benefit from a number of value-added services that we’ve crafted specifically for the challenges of recruiting in Building Materials. You can see more about how you can tailor your service! 

We feel that it’s better that you learn about the service you’ll receive from people who’ve used it themselves. In this clip, you’ll hear about John Newcombs’,CEO of the Builders Merchants Federation, experience.

What Do You Get In Our Service?

When you do partner with us, you don’t just get basic service that’ll ping over every application and hope it sticks.  But you’ll experience a service that goes beyond the traditional expectations of recruitment campaigns. Leaving you to focus on your day job, whilst we handle everything to do with hiring.

These are just a few ways that we add to your experience (and maximise your recruitment budget): 


  • 15-minute consultation to talk about all things recruitment and selection. You can ask every question under the sun to help you recruit. 

The best thing about this service? Is that you don’t need to be a paying customer to benefit from our expert advice. You can use this even if you aren’t currently using us to recruit!


On top of a bespoke recruitment campaign, you’ll also get: 

  • Salary Analysis  
  • Bonus and Commission guidance 
  • Support with Interviewing 
  • Tutoring around new talent opportunities (Transferrable skills and apprenticeships) 
  • Competitor Overview and Market Information 


As well as the services in our Intermediate option, you’ll also get: 

  • Recruitment Analysis & Evaluation of the entire benefits package 
  • Coaching and Support for new managers 
  • Full Tutelage around Interviewing and Onboarding  
  • Employer branding and Marketing Support* 
  • Talent Pooling – helping you hire for future needs
  • Supporting and recommending training opportunities to upskill your current team 

But these are interchangeable. Ultimately, you’ll get a service that is tailored to your needs – so it just depends on what you need. You might be thinking that they’ll be a huge price difference in these services. But there’s not. As it’s more about the investment in the process, the more invested you are the more you’ll benefit.  


*This service is an additional cost, dependent on what you need.  

What We Get Up To In Building Materials

Why Do We Do More?

Recruiters have a pretty bad rep. Honestly, we can’t blame you if you do, as so many do recruitment for the wrong reasons. But that’s not what we’re about!  

We want to do the right thing. We want to help the smaller businesses without an HR department to set up processes to try. Or the larger organisations improve what they already do to maximise results. All by sharing the experiences we have and getting involved in the industry to learn more. 

It’s why we love to get out and about. Either on client visits or events – we want to go where people are. To do presentations that will enable you to recruit more for free, evolve your mindset around hiring and change the perception of recruiters! 

As a building materials recruitment specialist, we work with Suppliers, Distributors and more to hire Sales and Marketing professionals!  

But how are we a specialist? Well, let’s dive into how you get an expert service. 

Meet Our Expert Team Of Building Material Recruiters

Adam Dolman

Adam Dolman

Managing Director
Natalie Chapman

Natalie Chapman

Building Products Divisional Manager

Resources That Help Me Succeed

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This is our introductory offer, where you can sit down with our experts and iron out your current processes. We’ll cover everything from how to optimise your adverts, interview top tips and onboarding practices. From this, you’ll get a unique plan of action that you can implement. 

So, to start improving your current recruitment strategies speak with our team today! 

We don’t believe that sound recruitment knowledge should be hidden behind a brick wall (in this case, a fee!).  

So, we’ve implemented a monthly webinar that will help you get more from your recruitment – for free. It covers things like, what processes you should implement, where to find talent for free, employer branding and more. 

We’re still in the process of setting this up digitally. But you could still be an early sign-up (and get a little something extra).  

Register your interest today and join the +50 businesses that are recruiting more for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Building products are the finished items that are needed for construction. Projects like landscaping, housebuilding, commercial building, kitchens + bathrooms and bedrooms (KBB) and more. They’ll normally be industrially mass-produced items. But the industry will never compromise on quality because of the various building regulations we have in the U.K. 

Technically speaking, you need building materials to make building products. The material side of things can be naturally occurring (think of your woods, rocks, sands and clay) or man-made (like your plastics, glass, cement and bricks). 

So, you’ll use these building materials to manufacture products that will then be sold (or marketed) to customers.  

Well, simply put, building materials are important as nothing would get built without them! No houses, shops, parks or anything.  

Additionally, it’s important to have quality building materials or products, as they not only determine the durability of the project but the appearance as well. Furthermore, building materials make up a large proportion of a construction project budget. So, finding the best on the market to meet the price is also important – making your role in building materials sales or marketing extra important.  

Building materials and products have been increasing in cost. This is largely due to the current economic climate we’re in. 

Just like us, businesses are feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis. With many seeing their manufacturing costs skyrocket, thanks to the energy price hikes. And, as natural resource dwindles, getting the materials to make products has also increased. 

In terms of how this impacts sales and marketing jobs in building materials. Well, it makes the competition for the best price and quality fiercer. 

It’s a question that is on many minds. How do I hire the best of the best in sales? Or just how do I hire salespeople? Either way, the answer it a little simpler to say than do.  

You focus on the soft skills first. Yes, yes, yes. You need to do all the normal recruitment processes, like create an advert, screen applicants, interview them and then hire them. But you first need to focus on the soft skills and personality traits that equal success in the business. Then hire for these.  

If you can find someone with a black book of industry contacts, that’s a bonus. Obviously, if it’s a very senior role then having industry knowledge and contacts will be a must. But product knowledge can be taught, so a top salesperson can be created in your own team.  

Luckily, this is something we can help you with, both attracting top sales talent and retaining them!

Recruiting marketers is similar to salespeople. You’ll still follow the normal recruitment processes, but you might have to add a few steps to it. 

For marketers, we don’t believe that you need any industry experience. As it’s all about their ability to market. How they strategise, create content, and build communities. You need to find marketers that are happy to market to both a B2B and B2C, as well as use both online and offline platforms. 

To hire a marketer for your company, it’s all about the transferable skills! 

To find this, we always suggest some level of task for marketing roles. So that people can demonstrate either their strategic thinking, creativity and overall marketing knowledge (or all 3 things).