How to build a good reputation at work

Original post date: October 29, 2021
Adam Dolman

Having a good reputation at work can vastly improve your career. This reputation will mean that people want to work with you rather than complaining that they have to work with you. Creating that good reputation can be quite simple, yet one negative impression can damage that reputation so be careful.

Be smart and look after yourself-

Image is crucial to creating a good reputation at work. It is essential that you make sure you are smart yet comfortable. You don’t want to be seen constantly messing around with clothes that are not comfortable, but you also want to make sure you look professional at the same time. It is also key that you look after yourself, you should make sure that you get enough sleep, stay hydrated and eat well. This will show people that you are concerned about your wellbeing.

Make sure you are interested in others-

Another key concept in creating a good reputation at work is being genuinely interested in the work of others. Make sure that you listen carefully when people are speaking to you and ask questions in return. This makes people think that you really are interested in speaking to them, you are both kind and approachable. It also shows that you are committed to the work that you perform.

Have integrity and be reliable-

Having integrity makes you a great asset to a team. You have a good set of morals and you are honest so people will begin to trust you. With that trust comes responsibility and reliability. It is crucial that you are reliable for an employer. Don’t promise that you will do something and then don’t deliver. Make sure you fulfill every claim that you make so that trust that people have in you is maintained.

Be consistent-

A good way to create a great reputation at work is being consistent. If you consistently deliver again people will trust you and your ability. Maintain a consistent standard of work, this shows people that you are reliable and sets a standard for other people.

Smile and mind your manners-

Being polite is an integral part of having a good reputation. If you are polite from the offset people will have a good opinion of you. Additionally, smiling is important to creating a good reputation. It is believed that body language is 55% of communication, so when you make a conscious effort to smile at people it really pays off. Smiling gives others the impression that you are welcoming and that you are easily approachable.

Own your mistakes-

Another reputable quality is taking ownership of your mistakes. Having this quality makes for a positive reputation. It shows people that you accept that you are human. You aren’t afraid of admitting your mistakes, you own them and take full responsibility for those mistakes.

Avoid complaining-

Work is stressful enough without somebody constantly complaining in your ear. Make sure that the person who is continually complaining isn’t you! Instead, you want to be somebody who is able to be a solution to a problem rather than adding to the problem. You want to inspire others to be as positive as you are. However, if you feel that you do have an issue at work make sure that you raise it in a professional way. You want people to help you solve your problem not get tired of hearing about them.

Have patience and give people what they want-

Being patient is a good trait to have, but only a few people really have it. Patience is key to showing people that you are welcoming and accepting of their needs or ideas. You want to be a person that they feel they can go to for whatever, so patience is virtue. Always try to remain calm, don’t snap and give people time to explain their issues or queries.

If you take inspiration from these ways to create a good reputation at work, you will have people banging down the door to work with you.

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