Sharing my thoughts as the new Chair of the Ambassador Group

Natalie Chapman

For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of being a Builders Merchant Federation (BMF) Ambassador. With this, I act as a gateway between upcoming talent and the building materials industry. Working with other ambassadors to promote all the careers this sector has to offer. A key focus of the ambassador group has been to encourage the next generation to get into building materials and construction, either from apprenticeships or as graduates. Additionally, I’ve been supporting organisations and the Builders Merchant Federation with their recruitment strategies and campaigns. Presenting at many key events throughout this past year. 

For me being a part of the BMF just keeps getting better. 

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I was awarded ambassador of the year this year. The same could be said about my next update.  

I am so excited to be offered the opportunity to work with Kerry Wilson at the BMF and head up the Ambassador group, as the new Chair of the BMF Ambassador Group. 

So, what does this new role of Chair of the Ambassador Group mean?  

I will support Kerry and the Leap team in engaging with companies to promote apprenticeships and cross-sell skillsets into our industry. Alongside this, I will connect with people in industry to join the ambassador programme. As the more people we have shouting about the amazing opportunities in our industry, the more people will choose to explore this as a career. Additionally, I will chair regional meetings with the aim of helping to educate all involved on how they can best spread the word.  

What is the plan for the next six months?  

In the first half of next year, we would like to recruit new ambassadors. We really want to have an active group of people from industry. So that they can shout about all the amazing opportunities we have to offer. This may include talks to schools and career events, attending industry events, posting on social media and any other ways we can find to engage with the next generation.  

Why is the BMF Ambassador programme important? 

This programme is so important. As it has a huge impact on the future of the sector. We’re all focusing on our industry being a recognised career choice in the younger generation. So that we have more talent in the industry. As we don’t want to be in the situation of trying to recruit in a very difficult market in the future.  

In terms of how this move impacts my role. 

For my role as a recruiter in the building materials market, its means that I can focus on finding the right talent. People that fit a client’s values and overall vison. Then supporting them with onboarding and retaining their employees. This means I become a true extension to the business and can work towards their long-term goals. Which is not always possible in the climate we are currently in, as it is taking so much time just to find a small group of people.  

I am so excited to be part of this amazing and exciting time in our industry.