A New Summer Intern At Stirling Warrington

Neha Sunderji

Something important I was told was to do an internship and gain experience during my undergraduate degree – by my family, by my friends and especially by my university. 

And so, that’s exactly what I did! 

Over the summer, I’ve been interning at Stirling Warrington.  

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would fit in here, knowing absolutely nothing about engineering. But that was ok! I learnt about it. That’s what everyone does at a new job. 

What I Did Over The 6 Weeks

Over the 6 weeks, Hannah and Chloe made sure I had enough work to do to help me learn about the industry, recruitment and marketing.  

Some of my responsibilities included: 

These were just some of the things I did here. Let’s just say, I was definitely kept on my toes! 

What I Learnt Over The 6 Weeks

I personally think I learnt a lot over the 6 weeks. 

Before my internship, I had no idea what the difference between Mechanical, Electrical or Multi-Skilled Engineering was, but now I do. Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know they existed separately.  

Hannah and Chloe have taught me so much about both recruitment and marketing.  

Things they taught me include: 

  • How to research topics effectively 
  • How to write a social media post 
  • Social media and blog planning 
  • Data Analytics 
  • SEO 

These are just some of the things they taught me. 

This blog would be too long if I listed everything! 


Internships are very important if you’re looking for experience in a future potential industry.  

I’ve been able to learn so much by completing my internship at Stirling Warrington, thanks to Hannah and Chloe. 

I always hear the debates between my friends and others on whether they should do an internship or not.  

I personally think it’s a great experience. 

And so, below I’ve given some benefits of doing an internship: 

  • Can make you stand out against other candidates in future job applications 
  • Can gain new skills and/or develop current ones 
  • You can expand your professional network 
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience 
  • Help you choose if this career is for you 
  • Improve your CV 
  • And a big one can be……… Money! 

There are many benefits of doing internships. It can be beneficial if you want to go into a specific career or even if you just want to develop your skills. 

But the final decision is up to you!