Congratulations on your Promotion Matt

Jonny Gardner

August is already off to a flying start! First, a new marketing assistant joined the team. Now, we’re sharing another exciting development. Matt Morson has been promoted to a Senior Recruitment Consultant, specialising in engineering recruitment within Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

A little bit about our Senior Engineering Recruitment Consultant – Matt Morson

Matt Morson joined the Stirling Warrington team as a Graduate Recruiter, gaining a 2nd Class Business and Management Degree from DMU. His focus has been recruiting within engineering (particularly Maintenance Engineering) across Warwickshire and Coventry. 

Matt found himself in a job that didn’t utilise his people skills and wasn’t giving him any job satisfaction, since joining Stirling Warrington he has found both of those things appeased and is flourishing in this role.

But, when Matt isn’t filling maintenance engineer roles, he can be found cheering on Coventry City during their football matches or playing 5-a-side football, snooker or tennis and even venturing into the Casino for games of Poker. He’s even delved into Karaoke, but we’re pretty sure he won’t be leaving his life as a recruitment consultant to pursue this hobby.

Congratulations on your Promotion Matt Morson

Engineering Recruitment Manager Jonny presenting gift to newly promoted Senior Recruitment Consultant Matt Morson 2
Engineering Recruitment Manager Jonny presenting a gift to newly promoted Senior Recruitment Consultant Matt Morson

We wanted to take this moment to congratulate Matt on his promotion. 

This is another step in your Recruitment journey, one that you have worked so hard to achieve. Your hard work and determination has paid off and will continue to drive you in your career. We’re excited to see you continue to flourish in your role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for our Engineering division.

It is fantastic that we’re able to work together to achieve your career goals. 

Why do we promote internally?

Promoting internally is something we strive for. Whilst bringing experienced recruiters into the business is also important, making sure that we support the development goals of our team is paramount. As we want to make sure that the team that we have are being fulfilled in all aspects of their career and development.

On top of this, we have a few graduates on the team (with more joining) so being able to see this progression happening within allows them to see where their career can go. This is important, as it helps to improve retention which is something that all businesses should be focussing on in this market.

From a Graduate Recruiter to a Senior Recruiter – What has Matts journey been?

Matt joined us after attending one of our assessment centres for our graduate scheme. Even in this early meeting, the team knew that Matt would be a fantastic recruiter and a brilliant addition to the team. 

A lot of Matt’s success is due to his hard work and tenacity. For the first few months of his career, he worked closely with our Engineering Recruitment Manager to learn more about the sector and recruitment. The training programme we deliver to graduate recruitment consultants is built by the team. Covering everything from taking a job on, through to interviewing and more. It’s a real tried-and-tested approach and really helps those that complete it to understand what, how and why we do what we do.

With this training and tenacity, Matt swiftly moved into a full 360 recruitment role. Dealing with candidates and clients across Coventry and Warwickshire primarily. By first exclusively dealing with candidates Matt built up a large database of prospective clients and then looked to match clients with candidates. He was thorough and ensured to visit as many clients as possible to get a feel for the team and the environment, as well as familiarise himself with the type of industrial clients he’d be working for.

After a couple of months, Matt had successfully made a handful of placements and has continued on his journey by bringing on board more clients. Which has given candidates more options to find something that suits them. In fact, he has now secured two completely exclusive clients, both of which he has made several placements.

We asked Matt how he felt his journey to a senior recruitment consultant has been, here is what he said:

“My journey has been equally as challenging as it has fulfilling, the team don’t blindside you to the difficulties attached to recruitment and by following their processes I’ve reaped the rewards.” 

The importance of graduate schemes 

Having graduates on the team has a host of benefits. But, wanted to highlight a few of the reasons why we love them :

One – they offer a chance to bring fresh and upcoming talent into the heart of growing businesses.

Two – Graduate schemes are a fantastic way to keep this emerging talent in the local area.

That being said, managing a scheme can be difficult for some businesses, due to the extra infrastructure that is needed to effectively support graduates in the early stages of their careers. However, we cannot recommend them enough!

We for one know that we will continue to work with the local universities to provide these opportunities for the next generation. As that is all that graduates need, an opportunity to shine and showcase what they bring to the table – which is a lot!


We really just want to say, congratulations Matt. 

Your journey from a graduate recruiter to now is a prime example of the benefits of schemes like this and how they can support both sides. 

Adam Dolman wanted to add a few words about Matt and his recent promotion:

“Matt has brought energy, enthusiasm, excellent work ethic and has always applied himself. It is never easy in a new role, particularly in a competitive field which recruitment absolutely is. It takes time, patience and hard work. No corners are cut. That is what sets him apart. Congratulations Matt, I look forward to seeing you progress and grow further at Stirling Warrington”