Do you want to be on the inside letting them in, or outside in the queue?

Original post date: October 29, 2021
Adam Dolman

We have a vision- in 5 years we want people to be banging down the door to come and work here, do you want to be on the inside letting them in, or outside in the queue?

We’re some of the most ambitious, hardworking people you will ever meet.

We’re also good guys (we like to think, maybe ask our friends!)

We’re small, but we think big.

We’re also really, really picky.

We believe that creating and growing something is far more satisfying than maintaining something that is already there, which is why we created Stirling Warrington. You may have seen us on LinkedIn- we’re the guys with the bananas (you can thank our Marketing Consultant for that).

We do things properly here and after a year of preparation we launched with great success. We know where recruitment is going and as such we’ve invested heavily in state of the art technology from our Mac computer ecosystem to our top of the range CRM software. We engage constantly with social media and operate an aggressive marketing strategy to get our brand out there- hopefully you’ve noticed…

Now, having firmly laid the foundations, we have the ability to offer you the chance to be part of an ambitious, supportive team.

You can expect:

20% of everything you bill over £3.5K per month

Your very own Apple Mac

A fully expensed iPhone

Earn an extra day’s holiday every month you bill over £8K

A bespoke reviewing system formed around what you think you can achieve (no KPI’s here thankyou very much…)

We pay for your haircuts, look sharp and act sharp

Early Friday finishes- every Friday!

We expect:

No suits or ties please, we are selling a top tier product, not double glazing!

Hard work- don’t worry that counts for us too…

Ambition- we want future leaders, not farmers

You to buy into our approach- we work with businesses from startups to bluechips on an exclusive or retained basis. We do not give away our time for free, neither should you!

Call me – 07557981162