Success we’ve had with ABUS UK

Original post date: March 23, 2023
Chloe Scarano

Who is ABUS UK? 

ABUS are a global manufacturer of high-quality, innovative security and Access & Safety Solutions. They focus on providing security at home, mobile and commercial security. ABUS UK Ltd is a subsidiary of ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG. Directly supplying and supporting distribution partners across a wide range of electronic and mechanical security ranges.  

We recruited for their UK headquarters, where they provide Home Security, Locking Systems and Video Surveillance, based in Avonmouth, Bristol. 

Why did they choose Stirling Warrington? 

ABUS UK decided to work with us on this placement, as we had successfully worked with them in the past. One of their employees, who we’d worked with previously, had recommended us to them. They were overly pleased with our service last time and wanted to use us again.

We faced a Recruitment Challenge

They had already tried to fill the position, before Carly was on the case, but had no luck. 

“We were trying to find a candidate to cover a maternity position for a period of 9-12 months. But we were struggling to find a good pool of candidates with relevant experience.” – Amy, Hiring Manager

There was difficulty in finding a suitable candidate with the right experience. And there was the added struggle as the position needed someone who could commute to two locations. Avonmouth (where the current office is located), and Portishead (where the office will be moving to). This would end up being trickier than expected. Due to a vast amount of the Bristol population using public transport. In 2020, 51% of all journeys made were by car, and travel on buses, trains, cycling and walking accounted for 49%.  

The recruitment plan needed a refresh. We took on the job and knew we needed to think of ways to appeal to the right type of candidates. So, how did we do it? 

This was our Recruitment Solution

Carly, our Sales and Service specialist, took the time to listen to the client and understand their needs. She asked for their negotiables and non-negotiables. Which helped in not only appealing to the right type of candidate but getting them through to the shortlist.  

The job advert plays a big part in recruitment attractiveness. Carly decided to make it as simple as possible, focusing on the responsibilities and attributes of the desired candidate.

How did we adapt the job advert?

In the job advert, Carly gave a brief overview of the company and listed the main responsibilities of the role. Including that they’d be: answering all enquiries, order processing, using IT office systems, completing sales orders and more. Similarly, with the attributes of a successful candidate, they needed to be friendly, dedicated to customer service, tech-savvy, adaptable, organised and more. 

Even though the responsibilities and attributes of the right person are important, Carly decided to set finding someone who could commute to both locations as the priority. This was down to ABUS UK’s unique situation, where they needed to find someone near their current office and where their office would be in months to come.

Within 1 week, Carly had put together a suitable shortlist, all of which could deliver on that top non-negotiable. ABUS UK decided to interview some of them, and after the 2nd stage of interviews, one of the candidates was offered the job.  

Not all the shortlisted candidates were offered an interview, but Carly was careful not to push for any candidate the client didn’t want to proceed with. In recruitment, it’s important to listen to the needs and wants of the business hiring, as ultimately, they know what they’re looking for.  

“Carly was always quick to respond and I was particularly pleased that she never tried to force any candidate through to the shortlist. If I advised her that the candidate wasn’t suitable, she took that on board and respected my decision.”  – Amy, Hiring Manager

Unfortunately, this person fell through and didn’t accept the offer. Even though this candidate didn’t work out, the hiring manager was impressed with the way Carly had worked. And therefore decided she wanted Carly to work exclusively on the job, the second time around. 

“The agency I normally use weren’t able to source such good candidates – and they are local to us!”  – Amy, Hiring Manager

What Recruitment Results did we Deliver?

And just like that, Carly found Charlotte, another great candidate via the job boards who passed both interview stages and started only 1 week later than the original candidate was supposed to, so hardly any time was lost.  

Carly stood out to ABUS UK as a recruiter because she did what the other 3 recruitment agencies couldn’t. She found a good pool of candidates who fitted their requirements, even with the added difficulty of being over 100 miles away from the office. And she did it twice! 

Charlotte has now been in the role for a few weeks and is really enjoying it. The hiring manager Amy has given great feedback: 

“Charlotte is doing really well. She has fitted in very well, gets on with everyone and is picking up the work well so far. She’s putting in real effort. So far I’m really pleased with her progress. Next time we are in search of a new colleague, Carly will be my first port of call. Thanks for all your help, Carly!”

Amy, Hiring Manager

Not only has Charlotte fitted in very well, ABUS UK has also been very accommodating to her needs, allowing her to bring her dog into the office 3 times a week. She was too good a candidate to let get away over dog care issues!

Charlotte has told Carly: 

“I’m loving it! Getting used to how things go and feeling really happy. I really am loving it!” – Charlotte, Customer Service Advisor 

Overall, this was a successful recruitment campaign, both client and candidate are overly happy with the placement. Carly listened to ABUS UK’s requirements and delivered 2 very suitable candidates in just a couple of months. We’re happy to have fulfilled ABUS UK’s Customer Service Advisor role, quickly and effectively. Playing a part in Charlotte’s future career at ABUS UK! 

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