Growing the Building Products Division

Adam Dolman

Our building products division has always had strong recruiters who have laid solid foundations for us. But now we can start building on what we’ve created.  

We’re thrilled to share that Natalie Chapman has taken up the mantle of Divisional Manager.  

With over 18 years recruiting within the industry, Nat has gained a wealth of experience hiring in the market. She’s seen all the highs and lows, helping candidates and clients navigate them. Now, with all the work she has done in the industry, it’s a perfect opportunity for us to build this division now that the foundations have been laid.  

What does this mean for our Building Products Clients and Candidates? 

We see, all too often, recruiters delivering below-par services. One that wastes time sending over any cv that drops into an inbox. One that promises the world but delivers a pebble. One that ghosts candidates when they really need you. We’ve never wanted to be like that. As that doesn’t solve problems. It causes them. 

We take away the headache that recruitment and job searching creates. By doing the basics well and going above and beyond. The building products team really embody this, Nat in particular, and works to add value to our customers. Really, we want to become an extension to the team, adding value through: 

  • Market information on salary, bonuses and commission package 
  • Evaluation of the current benefits package  
  • Competitor comparison and information 
  • Recruitment Analysis to strengthen processes 
  • Guidance on employer branding and recruitment marketing 
  • Talent pooling for future hiring campaigns 
  • Support with interviewing 
  • Training and guidance of new managers 
  • Supporting and recommending relevant training and upskilling opportunities for the current teams 
  • Introducing clients to one another for cross-selling opportunities 
  • Attending industry training, events and forums to deliver to clients. So they are up-to-date industry information. 
  • Sound-boarding for new ideas and business changes   

So, you’ll still receive this great service. We’ll just be able to support and work with more employers and candidates. In fact, her role as Divisional Manager will be to ensure the service we deliver remains competitive and consistent.  

Giving Back to the Building Products Industry 

The building products industry has so much to offer, both as a job opportunity and impact on the country. It really is one of the untapped and hidden career opportunities. That’s why we want to give back in some way. As for us it’s not about making a placement, it’s about helping the industry grow brick by brick.  

This is one of the reasons why we’ve joined the Builders Merchants Federation. So that we can keep up to date with all that goes on, but so that we can support those to find success on their own. 

 Natalie has been at the forefront of this. Working closely with the BMF and its members to: 

  • Run recruitment workshops to help streamline hiring processes 
  • Connect and engage with industry leaders to understand the unique challenges of the industry 
  • Raising awareness of new talent pools. Either through Apprenticeships or showing what skills transfer well into the industry. 

She’s worked so closely with the BMF, that she became the chair of the BMF Ambassador group and has since recruited 10+ members to the team. All of them are dedicated to showing all that this industry has to offer. 

In her role as a Divisional Manager, she’ll continue to find new ways to give back to the industry. With the support of Adam, Sallie and any new hire that joins the team.  

A Final Note 

Looking back on Nats Careers since joining us, she has been the Divisional Manager for some time. But we’re excited to see where the division goes – now that she’s taken on the new challenge officially. 

The first focal point for the division will be to grow the team further. We already have Adam and Sally on board, but we need someone that will be able to focus on the candidate side of recruitment. 

To be successful in this position, you’ll need to love focusing on what people need and matching this to what we have. You’ll need to embrace the change that recruitment brings. You’ll need to be creative to find a way to overcome obstacles. If this sounds intriguing, you should reach out to Nat to talk about our Resourcer position.