Maintenance Engineer Salary in Telford 

Jonny Gardner

Next in the West Midlands salary guide series is Telford. After looking at 52 job adverts and speaking with 26 engineers, I found that the average salary was remarkably close to Birmingham’s. Once again most of the averages include day shifts, so are lower than my expectations. But, let’s get into the average Maintenance Engineer salary in Telford: 

Average Maintenance Engineer Salary in Telford: £40,269 

The last research showed that the average salary was £40,327, so there’s been a small drop. But this could be due to an increased number of days-based roles in the area, which would lower the average. That being said, this is in line with the minimum amount engineers want. Here are some other points I found:  

  • Salaries range from £31,938 to £51,800. 
  • 55% of businesses decided to share their salary as a base salary, rather than as a range. 
  • 14% of job titles mentioned bias in the job title.  

Now with the average of the area out of the way, let’s go into detail about how much engineers can earn.  

Average Electrical Maintenance Engineer Salary: £41,029  

Like with Birmingham or Wolverhampton, you’d expect this average to be higher. With good electrical engineers looking for salaries nearer the £50,000 per annum mark- especially on shift work. I found a couple of roles got to this mark. But these were night shift roles, so you’d expect this to be high.  

It was quite concerning to see some companies advertise shift-based electrical work at just £39,500. As this is low for engineers that have had to go through additional training to be qualified. 

Average Mechanical Maintenance Engineers Salary…  

Once again, I couldn’t find enough mechanical bias roles to create an average. In Telford, I find that very few companies just take Mechanical bias engineers, as they want Multi-Skilled. Most of the engineers I work with on a mech bias are multi-skilled, normally around the 60:40 split in terms of mechanical strength. 

Average Multi-Skilled Maintenance Engineer Salary: £39,782 

Unsurprisingly, jobs looking for Multi-Skilled engineers came out on top with 70.6% asking for this bias. In this market, the salary really needs to be at the £45,000 mark for shift-based work. Even engineers wanting day shifts are looking for £40,000 +. So, although this isn’t far off, this average isn’t enough to attract engineers in work.  

Average Pay Per Shift in Telford 

There was a good mix of shifts available in Telford, though the area did have more traditional shifts available. Here are some interesting points I found: 

  • There were 6 different shift patterns advertised. 
  • 6% of roles were advertised with no shift pattern, but still had a pay rate. 
  • Double Days and 3 Shift were the least common shift patterns in the area. 

Let’s go through the average salary for the most common shifts in Telford. 

3 shift pays engineers on average £40,244 per annum 

This is probably about right for a 3 shift, even based on the conversations I’m having with engineers. If the role has any electrical element, then a salary at this level will be difficult to fill. Especially as 3 shifts have some unsociable working hours.  

4 on 4 off shifts pay engineers on average £43,447 per annum 

This average was a little lower than I was expecting. Especially as the salary in Birmingham was £44,067, which is ok in this market. That being said, it’s not that far off. So isn’t too much of a concern. To get the engineers that are currently in work interested in the business, you’ll need to be looking at paying over £47,000. As engineers aren’t moving for a couple of grand in this market.  

Day shifts pay engineers on average £36,831 per annum 

£36,831 isn’t too bad of an average. 80% of roles with a day shift displayed their salary as a range, with the lowest being £31,000 – £35,000 and the highest at £40,000 – £50,000. These ranges show how some businesses are positioning themselves to be above the market average. As it’s all well and good being on par with your competitors, but to get good engineers you need to go above and beyond.  

Night shifts pay engineers on average £45,770 per annum 

I have very few dealings with night shifts. But it’s good to see that this average is the highest of all I reviewed. For shifts like this, engineers expect to be paid a premium for the unsociable hours. At 13% of all shift types, it was surprising to find so many night shift roles. As there are fewer engineers that want to work these hours. 


Most of the averages fall below what engineers want. Some are so low that they won’t encourage employed engineers to move. Which, in this market, should be the goal as most engineers are in work – especially the good ones. 

I’d be very surprised if we see another drop for Telford, as I do see this average increasing as we move through 2023. More employers are noticing that the expectations of engineers have changed, so are slowly adapting. But I do expect that more SMEs will begin to struggle to keep up with the competition. As they typically have fewer resources to work with. 

What’s next? 

We’re thinking of moving our series to a biannually. As we want to be able to collect enough data to create accurate averages, but we’ll still go through the increase of each quarter. Whilst we start the next part of the series, why not take this away with you in the form of our free download