Our response to Covid-19

Original post date: October 29, 2021
Adam Dolman

We’re in a fortunate position as a young business. It’s our 3rd Birthday next week, the 11th for those who want to wish us well. I’d usually recommend sending chocolates or gifts but as we’re working from home these may go off by the time we get them!

As a business formed recently we made a real conscious decision to make our working environment as flexible, mobile and technology focussed as possible. This means we can absolutely give you the same 5* levels of service we always have. The only difference to our candidates and clients are instead of reaching us on the landline it’ll be through our mobiles.

We’re keeping in regular contact with our clients and candidates in manufacturing and understand a large amount of you will be putting all plans on ice until we’re clear on when we can move forward. Don’t be afraid to call us though it’s great to keep in touch and discuss getting candidates ready for May, June or July (and hopefully no later!).

There are also still many companies hiring and many candidates looking for something new, we’ve successfully filled a number of vacancies in the last few weeks using Telephone and Video Interviews. We’ve actually found some of the recruitment process to be smoother and faster than usual and it’s something we’ll certainly be encouraging when things go back to ‘normal’! Do consult with us on our guides to interviewing during Covid-19 if you’re looking for ideas or check out our earlier blog.

Finally we know it’s a tough time for businesses who are closed but also those who have had a significant spike in demand and not enough people to keep production running, we have a large amount of contractors across the UK to cater for you as permanent engineers won’t necessarily be relevant right now.

Whether you’re recruiting or not, whether you’re in the factory or working from home let’s talk. 01509 32 35 32