Engineering Apprenticeships

Niamh Thompson

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! So, it’s only right to share all the ins and outs of apprenticeships with you. As a recruitment agency specialising in the engineering sector, this blog will focus on engineering apprenticeships. 

If you want to know more about apprenticeships in general, going back to basics and why your business should offer one. Go to our Apprenticeships Page giving you all these details. As well as debunking common myths about apprenticeships.

Now let’s get into engineering apprenticeships specifically… 

Engineering apprenticeships are great for employers, helping businesses build a stronger, more confident workforce, equipped with greater skills.

Benefits of offering an Engineering Apprenticeship… 

It’s undeniable that the ageing engineering workforce is contributing to the skills gap. Because experienced engineers are retiring faster than new workers entering the industry.

According to the ECITB, almost 20% of the current engineering workforce is due to retire by 2026.

So, there’s no better time than now to get apprentices. Allowing them to learn from those experienced engineers retiring soon. It’s skills and knowledge they won’t get elsewhere.

“My advice to engineering managers considering hiring apprentices? Do it, and don’t put it off!” – Dannie Bridgewater (Maintenance Engineer Recruitment Consultant) 

From the start of their course, they provide another body on the shop floor. And will be someone willing to take in everything and learn from the engineers on site. This alone can really motivate the team! 

“Do be conscious about the person’s attitude. Put any doubts to bed by firing questions about previous achievements. You need someone with a bit of oomph behind them. Someone motivated and passionate to see the apprenticeship through and ideally stay with your business after such an investment!” 

You get the right apprentice, and it can change your talent completely. Having someone giving 100% only makes the engineering team stronger and more appealing to others. Whether that’s people seeking an apprenticeship or experienced engineers.  

“A client of mine has had apprentices that have stayed with the company ever since completing it. And many are now stepping into a senior role” 

If your business puts its all into bringing this apprentice up, more often than not they will reciprocate and have a long career with your business. Hiring an apprentice is an investment. 

Something really key is the long-term benefits for the engineering sector itself when companies invest in apprenticeships. It’ll only lead to more bodies on the ground and more skills coming through after retirement. 

How to go about offering an engineering apprenticeship? 

In order to issue the off-the-job training, you have to go through an apprenticeship provider. There are various providers that you can use for different engineering apprenticeships. You can find training for your engineering apprenticeship through the government website here. We urge you to take a look and find providers near you! 

For example, there is a Maintenance and operations engineering technician level 3 apprenticeship that you could check out. And at the bottom of the page, you can find local training providers for this particular course.  

You can check out the 6 key steps you need to take when hiring an apprentice here.

In Summary  

Engineering companies must unite to tackle the ever-growing skills gap together. National Apprenticeship Week provides a perfect opportunity for employers to consider the benefits of welcoming apprentices into their workforce. 

And if you want even more advice, go to our Employer’s Guide to Apprenticeships.

The specialist behind the blog

D. Bridgewater Engineering Recruitment Consultant East Midlands

Dannie Bridgewater (Engineering recruitment consultant) – Dannie became a Recruitment Consultant back in 2021. She has developed her recruitment skills and focuses on recruiting Maintenance Engineers in the East Midlands. Placing people for the right reasons and really getting to know their why.