Building Materials Apprenticeships

Niamh Thompson

Another trip around the sun and it’s National Apprenticeship Week again! Wow, that went fast.  

This year we wanted to take our advice to the next level. So, have partnered with LEAP Apprenticeships and Early Careers to give you the ultimate guide to offering an apprenticeship within the Building Materials industry.  

Who are LEAP?

They are one of the main apprenticeship providers for building materials-related apprenticeships. LEAP works with the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), Travis Perkins plc, E. Tupling, Haldane Fisher and more. Their passion for careers in the Building Materials sector is unmatched. 

If you want a general overview of apprenticeships. Go to our Apprenticeships Page giving you a non-industry-specific overview of everything you need to know before hiring an apprentice. 

Now let’s get into Building Materials apprenticeships specifically… 

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Benefits of offering an apprenticeship… 

Apprenticeships are a great method of attracting diverse talent and upskilling the current workforce. 

There are countless benefits of engaging with apprenticeships. A few being that they help enhance employer brand, strengthen community ties, and create networking opportunities.  

Ultimately, they will help your business thrive

And LEAP have seen this first-hand… 

“Apprenticeships offer businesses a cost-effective means of talent and skill development, fostering loyalty, and bringing fresh perspectives. The training enhances productivity, contributes to inclusive workplaces, and ensures a skilled and motivated workforce ready for the future.” 

Employee retention is another positive impact of apprenticeships! And LEAP have the data to back this up… 

“Our data shows that labour turnover is under 25% for those under 25 on an apprenticeship and for non-apprentices, it’s 49%. The new skills and professional development opportunities enhance job satisfaction, increasing the likelihood that apprentices will stay with the company for the long term.” 

But apprenticeships don’t only benefit your business, they also massively benefit the building materials industry as a whole.  

“Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in addressing the skill gap in the building materials industry by providing practical, on-the-job training. They offer a structured pathway for individuals to acquire industry-specific skills, ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers.” 

“They bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering a workforce with hands-on expertise. This targeted approach addresses the industry’s evolving needs and contributes to sustained growth and innovation within the building materials industry.” 

LEAP has worked with many businesses within the building materials industry. With clients ranging from industry giants to small businesses. All of them have felt the impact of apprenticeships, are reaping the benefits, and continuing to offer apprenticeships to their workforce.   

Addressing Misconceptions 

There are several misconceptions about apprenticeships that discourage businesses from hiring apprentices. With the help of LEAP, we want to debunk these. Hopefully opening businesses’ eyes and encouraging more apprenticeships within the industry.  

Here’s the most common one we hear… 

“Apprenticeships are just for young people”

Nope! Anyone can do an apprenticeship – even someone with a degree! Apprenticeships range from a Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes) to a Level 7 (Master’s degree). They can be for new trainees in your business or to top up the skills of your current employees.  

Has something else got you doubting apprenticeships? See the reality of apprenticeships for businesses, by hearing more myths debunked. 👇 

The reality is, offering an apprenticeship is easier than you think. They’re something all businesses can and should offer. If you’re confused about the cost, your responsibilities and what you should know, head to our guide to find everything you need.  

Still hesitant? LEAP have plenty of advice when it comes to offering an apprenticeship. Go and speak to them! 

LEAP can support you and your business to make the most out of apprenticeships. You’ll start to see the benefits right away.  

Where to start?

Hiring an apprentice for your business will look different depending on your company. But throughout the building materials industry, there are numerous opportunities for fresh talent. Including… 

L2 Trade Supplier 

L3 Business Administrator 

L3 Team Leader 

L4 Sales Executive 

L4 Marketing Executive 

L4 Retail Manager  

L5 Merchant Management  

L7 Accountancy Professional 

These are just some that are offered through LEAP, via the Builder’s Merchant’s Federation.  

For an overview of how to start offering these, head to our Apprenticeship Overview for a breakdown of the steps.

But first things first, find an apprenticeship provider. You can find one near you here.  

Then you need to look into funding options for your business. How the Apprenticeship Levy can help you, and register your business to access funds.  

Next, you can advertise your apprenticeship and start recruiting! You can do this via the government website. But we also recommend posting on some job boards (Indeed and Total Jobs are good ones) – get it seen by as many eyes as possible. You can also leverage social media channels to reach your demographic (depending on the role).  


If you want to begin the process of offering an apprenticeship with your business. We recommend speaking with LEAP or another reputable provider to discuss your needs and the skills essential for your business. They’ll handle the rest, and you can start the process of enhancing your workforce’s skills. 

Head over to their website and LinkedIn page to find out more.

And if you want even more advice, go to our Employer’s Guide to Apprenticeships.