Maintenance Engineer Salary in Warwickshire

Matt Morson

It’s that long-awaited time of year again when we share our hiring insights. We reviewed 200 Maintenance Engineer job adverts between April and September 2023. Made sure not to include facilities, field, or fitter-type roles. And found some pretty interesting things.  

To remind you, the areas I cover are:  

So, use the links above to skip to the sections diving into the area’s specific salary details. Or just scroll through for insights on all! 

Like last time, we also spoke with engineers to see what salary they are on. But those details will be coming soon so pay attention to our socials. For an extra dose of insight, we’ve compared what we found to what engineers are expecting and what they would actually accept for certain shifts. Which has been very interesting, to say the least. 

Overview of my patch: £41,533 

So this average includes all the areas I cover, which don’t really fit into just one region.  

Bear in mind that this includes Days and Monday to Friday shifts which consistently pay lower. And likely brought the average down as a result. The average does sit on the low side. So, I have also calculated the average Shift salary and the average Days salary in my patch of areas. 

Shift Average – £43,438

Days Average – £37,292

As you can see the shift average is much higher. And we’d expect the majority of roles to align with that average. 

Overview of Warwickshire: £40,583 

This average sounds about right as the county has less populated areas with less industry.  

For instance, you have Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon as a part of this average, where you find that salaries are really low. Despite the cost of living generally being higher in these areas. In highly industrial and populated areas you’ll find that salaries are higher.  

Again, we’ve calculated separate averages for just Days roles and then Shift roles.  

Shift Average – £44,526

Days Average – £37,218 

The Days and Shift averages also sound about right, to be honest. 

But just because these values sound okay, I want to reiterate that they are averages. And if the salary you’re offering is similar, you will still struggle to get engineers for that kind of money.  

Engineers are expecting higher salaries for different shifts than what the majority of companies are paying.  

£40,000 for Days

86% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

76% paid below this.

£42,000 for Double Days

60% paid below this.

These expectations are now the benchmark. People moving for the averages that companies appear to be offering are a mix of commercial and facility maintenance. If you want an engineer who is fully industrial with PLC experience, for example, you need to catch up with the market.  

For instance, small businesses that don’t recruit often may have someone retire who’s worked there for a decade on £28k. if they try and recruit to replace them at the same rate. Nobody out there that’ll accept that. 

I think it will change though. There’s a realisation of the skills shortage. And even though the number of people doing apprenticeships is up from COVID, it’s still not where it needs to be. So companies are going to need to up their salaries to get skilled engineers. Especially when a lot of them are doing contract work (fixed term or 3-6 months) so that they can retire earlier! 

Overview of Surrounding Areas: £42,005 

The surrounding areas I cover are Coventry and Banbury. And this is decent for an average including all shift types. But let’s take a look at the Shift average VS. the Days average: 

Shift Average – £42,625

Days Average – £37,057

These averages are okay. Especially when taking into account the huge disparity in business you find in Banbury. You can find some really weird roles there, predominantly shift work. So if someone wants it, they will easily get it for £50k but you can also get a role below £40K.  

However, there is a massive difference in Coventry as well. There are some really unique businesses that do actually pay well for Days – and have the latest tech which helps them attract talent. But a lot of the time it’s manufacturing that falls behind. Because people are looking for what the big boys pay.  

So again, engineers are expecting significantly more than what companies here are offering. 

£40,000 for Days

81% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

68% paid below this.

£42,000 for Double Days

50% paid below this.

But let’s take a closer look at the salary details for each area in the patch I cover. 

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Nuneaton – £42,431 

This is an area we didn’t cover last report so I can’t compare it to anything. But it does sound pretty fair. 

Nuneaton had 8 shifts on offer, the most common being Double Days. This does surprise me, to be honest. There are quite a few big businesses in the area – all offering shifts. 

Bias split: 

Multi 65%



I find the bias split a bit mad in this area. The fact that pure multi-skilled engineers are in such high demand when the amount of people I speak to that are 50:50 is so slim. There’s rarely a 50:50 that has experience. The fact that Mech is more demanded than Elec makes sense though. As there are more purely mech roles out there. 

I tried to break down the biases even further to Multi-Elec and Multi-Mech but only 5% of job ads were this specific. You do need to be more specific about what you want and what you need. Then you’ll have more success.  

When you look into the common shift types. Very few are paid what they expect. 

£40,000 for Days

50% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

100% paid below this.

£42,000 for Double Days

75% paid below this.

These stats just highlight that if you’re paying anywhere near the average. You’re still falling below the mark in terms of competitiveness in the market. Engineers aren’t moving for these averages. 

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Rugby – £45,071 

This is a 7.9% increase in this average since the last report. This makes a lot of sense as the two main clients I have in this area have both increased salaries this year.  

Also, Rugby has the highest average salary out of all the Warwickshire areas I cover. 

The highest in Rugby just said ‘shifts’ and paid £60,000. But I actually know that this role is paying £55k max. The agency advert displayed it in a range of £55-65k. Don’t do this! 

There were 11 shifts available to engineers here which makes sense. There’s more industry so greater variety of shifts available. Something else that fell in line with expectations was that 4 on 4 off was the most common shift. It’s also a shift pattern that I find most engineers want to avoid. So, from experience, if an engineer becomes available for 4 on 4 off in Rugby, there are about 10 options for a stone’s throw from them all paying similarly. 

Double Days wasn’t so popular in Rugby. But for Days and 4 on 4 off, many companies aren’t paying what engineers are expecting. 

£40,000 for Days

40% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

60% paid below this.

These percentages aren’t as high as in some of the other areas I cover. But they still need to go down! 

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Stratford Upon Avon – £37,286 

This is an area I don’t know as well. But what I do know is there’s no industry. It’s a lovely place to live but there’s not much industry. This is the lowest average in the Warwickshire areas I cover. And there was an 11.7% decrease from the last report. But there isn’t much going on in this area at the moment. Barely any job adverts for us to get data from, even when including commutable areas.  

The majority of jobs we did find were for Days shifts, making sense of the drop in the average. People tend to commute from Stratford to other places like Evesham and Leamington.  

Again, due to the limited data, we haven’t been able to calculate the proportion of companies paying below the salary expectations for engineers across my patch of areas. Hopefully, the next set will be better so we can provide all these insights for Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Leamington Spa – £37,545 

This is a 9.7% decrease since our last report. But there’s not much shift work here, the vast majority do Days. Candidates in this area are generally closed to doing shiftwork. So the lowest salary found here being £25k doesn’t come as a shock. The industry here is mostly manufacturing and recycling, and they pay pretty poorly. Automation and distribution pay the highest. 

Bias split: 

Multi 43%



Businesses in Leamington have small teams, lending themselves to Multi-Skilled engineers. So this bias split is interesting as when I look at the market, only see multi really.  

Engineers’ expectations: 

£40,000 for Days

82% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

100% paid below this.

These high percentages were somewhat expected because this area does appear to pay on the lower end. But we still need to see a drastic change. 

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Coventry – £40,599 

Coventry took a 2.5% decrease since the last report. This is probably due to what’s been advertised over the last few months. And the higher % of Days shifts currently. But a lot of the other details we found for Coventry were pretty much bang on. 

We found so much insightful salary information in Coventry. So, for all the details read our Maintenance Engineer Salary in Coventry Blog.

Maintenance Engineer Salary in Banbury – £43,609 

The lowest salary here is for a Days shift (£27k) which is fine. It should pretty much be this case for everywhere – a Days role taking the lowest offered salary. 

We have a 3.3% drop here since the last report. But it’s probably because of having incorporated days in this average. Banbury is sizeable in terms of industry, but it has a low density of people. 

The most common shifts here were 4 on 4 off and Panama. This is completely what I’d expect. Most of the industry here is food which is always 24/7. So they need constant maintenance cover. Generally, engineers are more open to shifts in Banbury – few ‘days merchants’ 

Most demand was for multi-skilled engineers. A whopping 70% of adverts. This is bang on here. A lot of big businesses are all after multi-skilled engineers. 

Engineers’ expectations:

£40,000 for Days

75% paid below this.

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

57% paid below this.

Especially with 4 on 4 off being such a common shift type here, but also avoided by many engineers. Companies need to start paying more for it.  

What is going to happen with salaries in my patch of areas? 

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ salary. It is clearly different for each area. So just need to keep watching it.  

Companies need to stay competitive. If you’ve not recruited for a while, you can’t go in with a salary that used to be okay – it’s outdated now and you must keep with the times. It couldn’t be made clearer from the number of jobs that are paying below today’s engineers’ expectations. I cannot reiterate enough that sitting at these averages isn’t a good thing. You’ll be falling behind. 

Over the next 6 months, we expect salaries to increase. Definitely. More people are retiring. And more people are doing contract work. So it’s only getting more competitive. But it’s also so competitive recently because Jaguar Land Rover is hiring all levels of technicians on the same money as they need SO many in Solihull.  

So the talent pool is being drained for big money compared to the averages we are seeing! Jaguar Land Rover is a company everyone mentions. And it makes it creates more challenges for companies paying below the mark – how can you compete really? Because this one specific business is skewing the market so much. We’ve never seen it to this scale before. Big brand, big factory, big money. And everywhere else has to keep up! 

What to do next? 

This blog provides a summary of the facts we derived from the recent data over Q2 and Q3. But if I were you, I’d be hungry for more. We unveiled interesting points about extra earning potential, salary ranges, and the differences between the last 2 quarters. Fill out the form below to download the guide to unlock that extra detail.  

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