Maintenance Engineer Salaries in Coventry 

Matt Morson

Let’s cover Maintenance Engineer Salaries in Coventry in a bit more detail. Over Q4 and Q1 (October-March), we reviewed 140 jobs in Coventry across multiple job boards.  

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I’m going to dive right in with the average Maintenance Engineer salaries in Coventry.

Overview of area: £41,854 

Looking at Coventry as a whole, this average has seen a 3% increase. This is a great improvement since our previous report (data from Q2 and Q3 of 2023), where the average had decreased by 2.5%.  

Another positive point is that the average Maintenance Engineer salary we found in Coventry is 11% higher than the average Total Jobs provided (and our sample size was 6.5 times larger!). Compared to our findings, Total Jobs provides a less accurate representation of a Maintenance Engineers salary in Coventry.  

And bear in mind this finding includes all the shift types in our data. 67% of the adverts we reviewed were shift work, and 19% were hours following a more conventional working week (e.g., Monday-Friday and Days). Let’s look at the average per shift and days to see how they compare:

Shifts Average – £42,770

(2.2% decrease since the previous report)

Days Average – £38,479

(3.9% increase since the previous report)

The decrease in Shift roles really isn’t great. I would have expected this to be around £45K. It could potentially be down to us including Double Days in the Shift data, and these typically pay a bit less.

On the other hand, the Days average is in the right territory. But if I was working on a £38K role for Days, I’d have to do a bit of digging to find someone.

Overall, the results from Coventry weren’t too far off what I was expecting to see. There are a few I’d have expected to be higher. Let’s talk about some of the interesting facts from this research:   

Salaries ranged from: £27,500 (Elec bias, Mon-Fri Days) → £53,200 (Multi-Skilled, 4 on 4 off)  

9 shift types are available  

9% of adverts didn’t mention the shift type. This is an 8% decrease since the previous report, which is a great improvement.   

62% of the job adverts presented the salary in a range 

We’ll come back to the salary averages for each shift type later. For now, let’s explore what salaries look like in Coventry in terms of bias. 

Electrical Maintenance Engineer – £40,610

Over the past 6 months, 26% of adverts specified that they were seeking Electrically Biased Maintenance Engineers. This is quite different to Q2 and 3 of 2023, where the ads were at 9.7% of the data. I expected to see an increase in Elec roles, due to an increase in automation in this area. There are a number of sites that have recently invested in new machinery and need engineers with electrical qualifications to service and work on the upkeep of the site.  

Also, the average electrical salary has increased by 8% since the previous report. Which I’m VERY happy to see as it saw a harsh decrease last time.

This average is low, but I know that companies will advertise at this. But it could be low due to a mix of facilities and industrial roles being included within this average.

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – £39,268

This is a small 0.75% increase since the previous report – a win is a win.

It’s not surprising to see only a small increase. Especially as they made up just 21% of the data. This bias isn’t as in demand as it used to be. And I’d expect it to be offering about the same as Elec.  

With Mech roles paying £1,342 less than Elec, it would be nice to see this increase again. The difference between these roles varies between sites. You can have some places where both biases are doing similar levels of tasks. But you can also have a variation of difficulty between Mech and Elec roles.   

Multi-Skilled Maintenance Engineer – £43,450

A whopping 53% of companies were after multi-skilled engineers. This seems right and coincides with what I’m seeing in the market.

The average for this skill set has increased by 8% since the previous report – great news! And this was the highest average out of the biases. Probably because these engineers can turn their hands either way in terms of bias.

What do the Shifts Pay Engineers? 

Below are the salary averages for each shift type. We’ve got lots of info for you. So, to make things simpler, have ordered it starting with the most frequently advertised shift.

4 ON 4 OFF – £46,811

Happy to share that this is a 3% increase since the previous report!

This was the most demanded shift pattern and also the highest paying in the region.

4 on 4 off is a very popular shift pattern, so this isn’t surprising. But it is a love-hate shift. And engineers need that higher salary as an incentive for the shift type. Great to see a 3% increase, but still not high enough to reach those good engineers.

3 SHIFT – £39,922

This shift type crops up in Coventry more than most of my other areas. But it is another love-hate shift as it can be very disruptive to an engineer’s work-life balance. So, I’m surprised this average isn’t higher, and disappointed to see it decreased by 1%. 

DAYS – £40,167

A 4% increase is great to see. But I would have placed the Days average in the early £40K’s. It’s reassuring to see the increase, as last time we saw an 11.9% decrease since last quarter. 

Typically, day shifts pay lower due to the shorter hours. But this doesn’t mean engineers today will move for this. It needs to be above £40k to be attractive.   

DOUBLE DAYS – £40,773

Despite taking a 1% decrease since Q1, I’m happy that this average isn’t as low as it is in other regions and areas. This average is in line with expectations that it should pay more than days due to the unsociable element.  

MON-FRI DAYS – £38,197

This is one of the most wanted shift patterns out there but as it’s more sociable hours, they typically pay less. I’d still expect to see this pay around the £40K mark. But it’s good to a slight increase of 2% our since last report. 

What’s going to happen with salaries in Coventry? 

I’m pretty happy with the averages across Coventry. It’s great to see an overall representation of salaries in the area. Most of them are around where I’d expect them to be, even though most of my vacancies are paying more than this.  

It is surprising to see the Shifts average decrease. But with the overall average increasing by 3% since the previous 6 months, it’s reassuring.  

Where the averages have gone down, it’s a concern. But some companies are paying ridiculously low for the shift. If you take anything from this report, it’s that you need to take your salary a few notches above the average, and your competitor’s. To bring in a high calibre of engineers, be prepared to pay more or offer a better package. It’s pretty simple, and this report should help you with where you need to be benchmarking your maintenance roles.

What Should I Do Now? 

Check out my blog summarising the patch of areas I cover in and around Warwickshire to see how other areas compare to Coventry. Don’t forget to download the full report, it’s a more thorough insight into the area! 

And, if you are in the market for a new role, then you should check out our current Maintenance Engineer job vacancies.