Maintenance Engineer Salary in Coventry 

Matt Morson

Let’s cover Coventry in a bit more detail. Over Q2 and Q3 (April-September) I reviewed 77 adverts. 

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I’m going to dive right in with the average salary that Maintenance Engineers in Coventry can earn. 

Overview of area: £40,599 

Looking at Coventry as a whole, this average has seen a 2.5% decrease since Q1. This is probably due to a higher % of days shifts being advertised in the past few months.  

On a more positive note, the average Maintenance Engineer salary we found in Coventry is 8.26% higher than what Total Jobs is sharing. Their average had a small sample size of 21. So, compared to our findings, Total Jobs provides a less accurate representation of a Maintenace Engineers salary in Coventry. 


the other information we’ve gathered about salaries in Coventry seems pretty bang on, to be honest.  

Let’s get into that: 

Shifts Average – £41,861

Days Average – £37,001

When we look at just the shift average, we’ve seen an increase (0.6%) compared to the last report. Reiterating that the lower Days salaries likely brought the areas overall average down. But, let’s talk about some of the interesting facts from this research:   

  • Salaries ranged from: £29,120 (Multi-Skilled, Mon-Fri Role) → £54k (Multi-Skilled, Days Role) 
  • 10 shift types are available 
  • 17% of adverts didn’t mention the shift type 

To give a better insight into the competitiveness of Maintenance Engineer salaries in Coventry, look at the percentages of companies that pay below the minimum that engineers would entertain: 

£40,000 for Days

25% paid below this

£48,000 for 4 on 4 off

82% paid below this

£42,000 for Double Days

33% paid below this

You can see that filling these shift types is very competitive. But salaries near the average just aren’t where they need to be to get engineers through the door.  

Especially for 4 on 4 off. Such a high number of salaries offered for this shift type are below engineers’ expectations. The average salary calculated for the 4 on 4 shift was £45k. Although this isn’t too far off the expected £48k, it won’t attract someone to move. I know of 4 big businesses that pay this average and are struggling. But a newer business (which is attractive to engineers in itself), that is paying £48k is attracting volumes.  

But we’ll come back to the salary averages for each shift type later. For now, let’s explore what salaries look like in Coventry in terms of bias. 

The Average Salary for an Electrical Maintenance Engineer – £37,651  

Over the past 6 months, 9.7% of adverts specified that they were seeking Electrically Biased Maintenance Engineers. However, the average salary for this bias has taken a harsh 19% decrease since our last report.  

This average is low, but I know that companies will advertise at this. One reason why this average is so low may be due to a mix of facilities and industrial roles being included within this average. There is massive difference in these roles and the appropriate salary. Some guys like doing both, some people hate it. 

Let’s look at the average per shift and days to see how they compare: 

Shifts Average – £40,936

Days Average -£35,188

This difference is what I’d expect to see everywhere to be honest. And really shows that the number of days roles included in the overall average for this bias likely brought that salary value down.  

The Average Salary for a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – £38,975.88 

The demand for Mechanical Maintenance Engineers was 11.1% of adverts. And does have a higher average salary than electrical bias. This sort of makes sense as they are likely looking for fully industrials mechanical guys. However, this average has taken a 14.7% decrease since our last report. And companies won’t get anyone for this average other than if it’s a Day’s shift.  

Also, I think the average has likely been dragged down by those that have a rotating advert all year round. And maybe aren’t keeping the salary up to date with the competition. 

But let’s explore the difference in the shift and days averages: 

Shifts Average – £39,538

Days Average – £38,500

Now, these don’t have such a drastic difference which surprises me. A reason for these values may be that the majority of Mechanical jobs in Coventry were shift roles rather than days. So, these averages may not be the best indication. 

The Average Salary for a Multi-Skilled Maintenance Engineer – £40,250.34 

A whopping 66.7% of companies were after multi-skilled engineers. I’d say that this value is about right for an average. However, this is still a 3.4% decrease from the average in our last report for this bias. The reason for this is very likely because we went even more granular with our data this time round. And worked out separate averages for Multi-Mech and Multi-Elec roles. So, this average doesn’t include salaries for ads that specified if they wanted the multi-skilled engineer to sway more towards one bias.  

Shifts Average – £41,683

Days Average – £37,305 

These seem pretty fair for averages. 

The Average Salary for a Multi-Elec Maintenance Engineer – £43,400

6.9% wanted Multi-Elec Engineers, and all of these roles were shifts. So the above average seems on the lower side to be fair.

The Average Salary for a Multi-Mech Maintenance Engineer – £46,125 

Very few will hire for this particular skill set. With only 5.6% seeking Multi-Mech Maintenance Engineers over the past two quarters. I’d say that £47/48k is what people will actually move for in general. And the average salary for shifts does reflect this. 

Shifts Average – £48,667

Days Average – £38,500

This is a drastic difference of £10k between days and shifts. But it’s actually not that surprising. 

What do the Shifts Pay Engineers? 

3 Shift (£40,500) 

9.1% decrease since Q1. 

This shift type crops up in Coventry way more than anywhere else in my patch of areas. And was the most demanded shift by companies (alongside 4 on 4 off). But it is another love-hate shift as it can be very disruptive to an engineer’s work-life balance. So, I’m actually surprised this average isn’t higher to be honest.  

4 on 4 off (£45,284.03) 

3.7% increase since Q1. But the highest paying shift this report.  

As mentioned, this shift type was at the top in Coventry, for both demand and salary. This is reasonable for an average, but there are big disparities in salaries for this shift type. Manufacturing and Food businesses seem to be constantly advertising and only paying £42 – 44k. So, in line with this average they won’t make people move. I’d say that £46k is where the average needs to be.  

With that being said, Engineers aren’t moving for less than £48k at the moment. So, the average is still a way off that.  

This shift in particular was one of the most demanded by companies in Coventry. Which is bang on with what I expected. But it is a love-hate shift. And engineers need that higher salary as an incentive for the shift type. 

Days (£38,737.50)

This is a 11.9% decrease since last quarter. But this doesn’t surprise me as much as the other decreases as the average for this shift in Q1 was strangely high.  

Typically, day shifts pay lower due to the shorter hours. So, this is sort of where I’d expect the average to be. But this doesn’t mean engineers today will move for this. It needs to be £40k plus to be attractive.  

Double Days (£41,250) 

Despite taking a 4.8% decrease since Q1, I’m happy that this average isn’t as low as it is in other regions and areas. This average is in line with expectations that it should pay more than days due to the unsociable element.  

Monday – Friday (£35,108.75) and Monday – Friday Days (£37,312.50) 

These shift types show the lowest salaries in Coventry. But they are a bit of a weird one. These could include Double Days, 3 shift, Panama. And in which case, these averages are WAY too low.  

I guess a key point from this is that companies need to be clear and transparent about what the shifts actually are. Otherwise, you will end up with some annoyed engineers on the phone. 

What’s going to happen with salaries in Coventry? 

I’m pretty happy with everything we’ve found out about Coventry this time around. And even though we’ve seen a fair few decreases since last report. This is likely due to number of Days shifts compared to last report.  

It is surprising that the average has gone down overall. It shouldn’t be going down. But some companies are paying ridiculously low salaries. And I’m often seeing the same adverts all the time. So, these will lower the average.   

With that being said, if you’re paying the average and wondering why you can’t hire. It’s because you’re not standing out in the market. You do need to take your salary a few notches above the average, and your competitor’s. 

Looking for where to go next? 

Well, you should check out my blog summarising my patch, and see how other areas compare to Coventry. Don’t forget to download the full report, it’s a more thorough insight into the area!

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