Maintenance Engineer Salary in Nottingham 

Danielle Bridgewater

Last on the list, but only because of the alphabet, is Maintenance Engineer Salaries in Nottingham. During Q2 and Q3 I reviewed 100 adverts and spoke with 28 engineers about their expectations. When looking at how much some of the job boards averages compare, I found that ours pays 16% more than Total Jobs. Which is interesting, as they had a smaller sample size of 33 – so you’d expect this to be higher.

The area has a very similar issue to Derby, in that salaries on the whole fall behind expectations but there are more engineers out there. 

But let’s dive into how far they fall behind.  

Overview of the Area: £40,842 

Ok, so the area did also come in last in the salary ranking. Mind you, the fact that Leicester came in top still baffles me. I was expecting this average, as companies in the area do seem to pay less. But there has been a slight increase from last time at 3% – so it isn’t completely terrible.  But, salaries in the area did range from £23,950 – £56,100 which does show the huge discrepancy there is with how much engineers can earn.

Let’s look at the breakdown of the area in terms of just shifts and day shift.

Shifts Only Average: £41,853 

Days Only Average: £39,193 

To be honest, the day only average for the area isn’t terrible. It pays a lot more than the minimum expectation of £35,000. The shifts on the other hand is a different story, one that doesn’t have a happy ending for employers paying close to this. So lets have a look at why this could be with how many employers pay below the average: 

Day shifts minimum expectation is £35,000 per annum 

10% of companies paid below this

4 on 4 off minimum expectation of £43,000 per annum 

11% of companies paid below this

Based on the averages, I was expecting the percentages to be a lot higher. As these shifts seem quite competitive to recruit for – which I know they are. But 83% of companies paid below £40,000 for double days, which is mad and probably why this average is so low.   

But, for the favoured shift types, the average being so low is a little worrying. But is a great opportunity for those who are paying more, as it means that your adverts will stand out in the area. 

The Average Salary for an Electrical Engineer – £42,817 

So, Electrical Maintenance Engineer salaries saw a 9% increase from last time which is good. But it still falls behind where it should be. 

With the electrical skillset in such demand with clients, it makes sense that this would come in top. As companies are going to do all they can to attract what electrical engineers are out there. But I was expecting this to be higher, so it’ll be interesting to see the breakdown of this 

Shifts Only Average: £41,806 

Days Only Average: £41,350 

The fact that these are so close is quite concerning – as shifts should always be higher than days because of the unsociable working. 

What was interesting, for electrical engineers was the shifts offered during the past 6 months, Mon – Fri was the most frequently advertised. Which surprised me as I expected to see 4 on 4 off at the top spot because of 24/7 coverage that companies need. But more engineers are looking to have their weekends free, so organisations could be taking this into consideration.  

Additionally, I saw a couple a night’s positions (one of which paid the max for this bias at £48,750). Which was strange as you don’t see many just nights, as it’s normally packaged in 4 on 4 off shift. I suspect that this will change when I do the research again.  

The Average Salary for a Mechanical Engineer – £39,739 

This is about where I would expect the average for Mechanical engineers in Nottingham to be, it’s also seen a 5% increase from last time as well! Even it paying 3% less than Derby isn’t too surprising, just because of the differences in what industries each area has. 

Shifts Only Average: £40,441 

Days Only Average: £36,696 

The days only average is at where I’d expect them to be. Even for a mechanical maintenance engineer, as they typically do pay lower due to the requirements of the role. The shifts only average is pretty terrible. But, by the looks of it, it’s because there were some very low shifts (3 shift paying £35,000) that have brough this down). 

The lowest salary I saw for Mechanical engineers was a Mon-Fri days role paying £34,000. Which is low, but not all the unexpected given the shift type. On the other end of the scale, there was a 4 on 4 off role paying £47,970 which is really good! 

The Average Salary for a Multi-Skilled Engineer – £40,824 

The multi-skilled average has seen a 2% increase. Which isn’t a lot at all so this average does fall behind where it should be. But I would expect it to be in the middle of the Mech and Electrical roles. Typically, multiskilled roles pay more than just mech roles because of that electrical skillset. 

When I looked at the Shift and Day only average, it told a very similar story:   

Shifts Only Average: £42,286 

Days Only Average: £39,395 

Again, all of these are just too low to attract those engineers. You might get someone that is active on the market, but you won’t get those passive job seekers wanting to join the company at this rate. Which is really who you want to be targeting.  

I’ve been able to break down the Multi-skilled elec based on if they have an elec/mech bias within that. Here is the breakdown of those salaries

Multi-Skilled: Elec average was £41,163

10% of companies wanted this

Multi-Skilled: Mech average was £44,450

6% of companies wanted this

The multi-elec average was particularly low at £41,163- you just will not find any good engineers at this rate. Multi-mech on the other hand had a really high average at £44,450, which I think is because it was just completely shift work- and the high-paying shifts at that. But, it was good to see that this was in line with the minimum expectations of engineers on shift.

Now that the averages for the biases are out of the way, let’s talk about what the common shifts are paying Maintenance Engineers (on average) in Nottingham.  

What does each shift pay engineers on average? 

Just like Leicester and Derby, Nottingham had a range of shifts on offer to engineers. But let’s look at some key points before I start talking about what they pay:  

  • There are 9 shifts up for grabs in the area 
  • 10% of roles didn’t include a shift in the advert 
  • Rotating and Nights are the least common shifts 

Now, let’s get into the averages.  

On Average 4 on 4 off pays £44,050 

4 on 4 off shifts have seen a 4% increase since last time, which isn’t all the bad and means that the average falls just above the minimum expectation of engineers. So, that is a great thing to see. 

But there is still huge disparity between what some companies are paying engineers. I saw one role, and electrical role, paying £36,000 per annum (which is absolutely awful) then the highest was £51,923 for a multi-skilled engineer. 

This is really concerning, as how do you keep up with that. If your team is currently on £36k and you want to grow, you can’t suddenly jump your salaries up to this to compete. 

On Average Days Pays – £40,506 

Next on the shift list is Days. With a 4% increase from last time this average is ok, but you’ll still struggle to catch the attention of those passive engineers at this level.  

What a lot of companies did for day shifts (43% in fact) was give their salary as a range. With this varying from £36,000 – £37,000, to one that was £40,000 – £45,000 (that was for an multi-elec role so that makes sense). Now, this is quite a smart thing to do when you have the scope to, as it can attract more engineers to your role. With you still having some flexibility to adapt the salary based on experience.   

Mon – Fri (£37,126) and Mon – Fri Days (£39,166) –  

Ok, these averages baffle me as they should be the other way round. 

Mon-Friday could include things like 3 shift, which have unsocial hours. So, for it to be at £37,126 is really worrying. I actually saw one Mon-Fri role paying just £23,950 which is actually criminal. 

The Mon-Fri Days isn’t too bad, but again this can include shifts like double days. In which case this average would be too low.  

Like with days, a high percentage (77% of the adverts) displayed the salaries as a range. Which, I’m see more and more companies do.  

What are my thoughts about these averages? 

Well, it’s kind of mixed. On the one hand, salaries have seen an increase across the board. But on the other hand, they’re still nowhere where they need to be to attract engineers in this market. So, I suspect that salaries will keep on going up. Actually, no, they need to go up! 

More and more companies are starting to show their salary as a range, which is a smart thing to do if you can. As it just opens up your options to engineers that might apply, as you can get someone at any end of the spectrum.  

But it will be the smaller companies that will struggle to keep up with salaries rising, especially when your competition with big brand names. So, like with Derby, you need to focus on the wider benefits package that you can offer engineers.  

Something that I have noticed a lot of engineers in Nottingham ask me if what the sickpay is like at companies. Is it Statutory? Does it improve with length of service? And that type of thing. So, I’d recommend starting there if you’re looking to improve your benefits package. 

Where to go next… 

Well, you should definitely check the other areas in the East Midlands, Derby and Leicester, to see how Nottingham compares. But, if you’re after more insight into Nottingham you should download our full report on Maintenance Engineer Salaries in the East Midlands

Also, we’ve worked out that our jobs on average pay 4% more than what is advertised on the job boards. So, check out what Maintenance Engineer jobs I have in Nottingham (or the East Midlands), if you’re on the lookout for a new role! 

You could be looking at this data and thinking, great I’m paying where I need to be. But that isn’t the message that you should be taking from this. If you’re at this level, then you are where it’s the most competitive to recruit- which is the hardest place to be. 

Being realistic, you could hire someone that is active on the market. But there isn’t that many engineers who are. Nottingham and Derby have more than Leicester, but it still isn’t great. You need to be tailoring your package to attract those passive engineers – and retain the ones you’ve got. 

If you need some help with what to do with your package, reach out today! It’s something that I help with all the time. In fact, it’s also worked into our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service as well.