Stirling Warrington, why Engineering is our seafood!

Adam Dolman

Seafood and Engineering?!

Bear with me on this!

Like most people, I have found myself watching more tv than usual during this lockdown. After completing Netflix (Because what have you been doing if you haven’t watched them all yet?) I found myself clicking onto Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares eager for an easy watch and something to shut off to.

Bad move for switching off, instead I found myself passionately agreeing with Gordon (How can you run a restaurant on the French coast but serve frozen seafood that has come from 50 miles away?). What drew my attention though was that each of these restaurants were trying to do too much, cover everything to attract anyone and everyone. What was always Gordon’s first move? Streamline the restaurant and focus them down to one branding whether this was fresh seafood or chicken. He slashed the menu in half and made them different to the competition by having a theme and dedicated the restaurant to it.

This made me think of the recruitment industry. It is a competitive market and when you are a client or candidate looking to work with a recruiter how do you choose what’s right for you when everyone is offering everything and anything to get you in the door?

It’s this streamlined, dedicated approach that I’ve found works best. If you wanted some fresh seafood; yes, you could go to any restaurant that serves it but wouldn’t you rather go to a restaurant that focuses just on seafood, tailored and trained in this particular area? Someone who knows what does and doesn’t go with seafood- and how to cook it (it can be lethal if done wrong!!)

Here at Stirling Warrington; Engineering is our “seafood” we have built reputations in the industry as experts in our field. We have become the go-to people if you are looking for Engineering Staff. We specialise in recruiting Engineering talent on a Nationwide basis and have regional specialists who are constantly developing their network of engineering candidates and clients.