7 Team Members, 300,000 steps, 30 days for 1 great cause!

Adam Dolman

The team walk 300,000 steps each in March!?

In 2019/2020 we gave a lot back for local organisations donating our time to support local projects. With COVID a lot of the things we’d usually do (Paint walls, volunteer, or other things which generally aren’t possible with social distancing and the virus) were put on the back burner. In June we raised £1250 for the NHS and now we’re looking to get moving and raising money and awareness again…Off the back of this our first giving back effort for 2021 is here!

Stirling Warrington are getting involved in the 300,000 steps for Maggies in March challenge. 7 of the team will be averaging 10,000 steps a day each throughout the month.
This equates to c.8km every day. Having monitored our usual steps those without dogs to walk are significantly below 10,000 (An embarrassing 1-3k steps on average!) so it’ll take a lot of dedication to meet the challenge.

Why Maggies?! Who are Maggies?

Upon being given her cancer diagnosis in a dark room with no windows in a hospital and having to come to terms with it in a naturally depressing place, Maggie felt that her diagnosis and treatment was as hard on her family as it was on her, so she created a new type of support, a centre that could make the experience of cancer more manageable for everyone.

She believed that with encouragement to become actively involved in treatment, and with the right information and support, people could change the way they live with cancer.

Maggie also wanted to bring people together in a calm and friendly space that would help them to find comfort in the experiences of others.

Maggie died shortly before the first centre opened, at the Western General Hospital – but with the support of Charles, and her medical team, including her cancer nurse Laura Lee (now Maggie’s CEO), her vision has lived on.

Since 1996 Maggies have opened 27 unique centres across the UK (and other further afield) with a view to open another many more in the foreseeable.

https://www.maggies.org for more information on the great work they do!