Big Promotion on the Stirling Warrington Team 

Chloe Scarano

We’re excited to announce that Jonny Gardner has been awarded a well-deserved promotion. Since he joined SW more than 5 years ago, Jonny has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication. This has propelled him through the ranks and we are proud to announce his new position as Associate Director.

In this role, he will collaborate closely with our Director, Adam Dolman, to further our strategic goals.  

Adam shares his thoughts on this new move. 

“Jonny is the ultimate professional, a real expert in his craft. This new role will put more of a focus on him building those key clients, as well as new businesses looking to level up their recruitment. This role is key for us, and Jonny’s experience is perfect for it.”

Adam Dolman, Managing Director

Promotion Impacting the Bigger Picture 

This change is part of our overall strategy to grow the business. In the past year, we have taken on 10 new employees. Including our Training and Development Manager, Kish Limbachya, who has already brought in a cohort of graduates, who are ready to make their mark in the industry.

Placing Jonny as Associate Director will allow him to use his specialist recruiter knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills to strengthen relationships with key clients. His focus will shift towards enhancing client satisfaction and delivering tailored solutions. Both are crucial elements in our ongoing mission to become the best-rated recruitment agency in the Midlands.  

A few words from Jonny.  

“This is a huge milestone for me professionally, I love working closely with my clients. The new role will allow me to spend more time tailoring my service and trying to add value in every way I can.  

Being an expert in one region and focusing purely on one particular role is making an impact and really disrupting the market for the better. I hope to be the go-to person for all maintenance requirements in the West Midlands. Helping engineers find new roles and supporting new and existing clients.”

Jonny Gardner, Associate Director

What does it mean for you? 

If you’ve worked with Jonny and are wondering what the promotion means for you, don’t worry he is still recruiting! The new role is focusing on retaining key clients, building relationships and elevating the quality of our service.

This transition will impact our clients positively, by ensuring that you continue to receive the best recruitment service. We are committed to meeting your needs precisely and efficiently. 

Which leads us on nicely to hearing from you. If you’ve worked with us, we’d love to invite you to submit some feedback about your experience to [email protected]. Your insights will ensure we continue to meet your needs and improve the service you receive overall.