Maintenance Engineer Salary in Derby

Danielle Bridgewater

Let’s talk about the average Maintenance Engineer Salary in Derby a little more. Over the course of Q2 and Q3 I reviewed 112 adverts and spoke with 50 engineers. Which is a great data set to work from, hopefully we’ll find even more next time. Like last time, our average pays a lot more than the ones that are on Total jobs27% more in fact and with double the data set! 

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So let’s get straight into the average salary maintenance engineers in Derby can earn! 

Overview for the area: £41,540 

Looking at Derby as a whole, the average has seen an increase of 3% and salaries ranged from £23,950 – £46,177 per annum. Seeing some increase is a good sign, though it should be higher and you can see that there is a real discrepancy in salaries with that huge range. Mind you, this does include days again. So what does the region look like based on Shifts or just Days: 

Shifts Average – £43,205

Days Average – £38,549

Both of these fall just below the minimum expectations of engineers. Which isn’t ideal and is also interesting, as you have massive companies in the area that should be driving up this average. Like with the region, these averages falling just below the minimum isn’t too much of a worry. As it probably means that most companies are paying well. But that does mean that certain companies can monopolise hiring in the area. 

It’s interesting to see how companies in Derby are paying their engineers: 

4 on 4 off minimum £43,000 

23% paid below this 

Day shifts minimum £35,000 

No company paid below this

Once again, this just shows how competitive the market is and how you can quickly change the tide with salaries.  So, companies that do go above and beyond can reap the rewards! 

The Average Salary for an Electrical Maintenance Engineer: £42,212 

In Derby, 16% of roles wanted an Electrical Bias and the salary average has seen a 3% increase from the data in Q1. Which is a step in the right direction. But how does this measure up against the Shift and day split? 

Shifts Average – £43,592

Days Average – £36,350

The average shift salary isn’t too bad, this is the minimum that some engineers would want for a shift – but you’d need a juicy package for this. But I do think that the days is too low. This should really be above £40,000 for an electrical role, due to the extra qualification and health & safety around working with electrics.  

So, really both need uplifting to attract those engineers. What was particularly concerning was that I saw a Mon-Fri Days paying £31,000 per annum – which you will never find an engineer at this rate. But, at the other end of the spectrum, there was a Panama shift paying £48,000- which is where it should be at. But that was the top of the range for electrical roles in Derby.  

The Average Salary for a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer: £41,277 

Next on the list is Mechanical roles. Interestingly, 20% of adverts requested a complete mech bias. I was really expecting to see Elec roles come out on top. As companies would typically train these electrical guys to become multi, but people tend to not transition out of mech roles. Of course, they can learn electrical skills, you just don’t see it that often. 

What was great to see is that this bias saw a 12% increase from last time, which is huge and sorely needed. But it is surprising to see how close the shift and day averages are to elec: 

Shifts Average – £42,733

Days Average – £38,000

Traditionally, Mech roles have paid less significantly than Elec and Multi roles. This is largely due to the requirements for these roles being a bit less strict and experience really paving the way – which people like to underpay for. So, it’s good to see that this gap is closing.  

The Average Salary for a Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer: £41,286 

Last on the list is the beast that is multi-skilled roles- with 51% of companies wanting this it really is a beast to review! This time we’ve been able to go a step further and break down the role based on bias (50:50, Elec Bias or Mech Bias), which is fantastic. 

But multi-skilled roles saw a 2% increase in the average. Which is nowhere near the same as the others and is slightly concerning. Especially when you look at the shift average for the area: 

Shifts Average – £42,330 

Days Average – £39,243 

– this is getting there.

The shift average is lower than all the other biases. Normally you’d expect this to sit in the middle as companies tend to pay more because of that slight electrical requirement. So, this is a real concern that this is at the bottom. Additionally, the most advertised shift for 50:50 multi was 4 on 4 off, so you’d really struggle to find people at this rate for any shift. But the day shift is getting closer to where it should be. 

Let’s delve into the bias split a little: 

Elec Bias salary average was £42,722

8% wanted this split.

Mech Bias salary average was £40,424

5% wanted this split.

The elec bias needs to be a lot higher. And the mech is ok, but should be higher than the mech because of the multi-skilled requirement.  But these percentages of demand are more in line with what I would expect, as companies want more electrical engineers! 

What do the shifts pay engineers? 

So, it wasn’t a terrible story for the averages above. But what is the story for how much shifts in Derby are paying engineers! Here are some highlights: 

  • Only 5% of jobs didn’t disclose a shift- which isn’t terrible at all. But you should ALWAYS include a shift otherwise engineers just won’t apply. 
  • There was a good mix of shifts, with over 10 shifts to engineers 
  • Suez and Nights were the least advertised roles 

Let’s talk about how much the most frequently advertised shifts in Derby are paying their engineers. 

On average 3 shift pays £41,425 

I was a little shocked with the average for 3 shift, not only was there a 0.1% from last time. But, with the engineers I’m speaking with, £43,000 is the absolute bare backbones of what they would want. For that salary, they’d need a juicy package that beef it out- things like enhanced pension or sick pay. 

I did see one role, for a 50:50 Multi-Skilled role offering £46,300 which is about right for this shift. But this was the absolute top of the range.  

On average 4 on 4 off pays £44,110 

4 on 4 off was a bit better than 3 shift. There was a 5% increase in the average from last time, making this the absolute lowest that engineers would expect. It’s certainly the lowest point that the clients I work with have. Really, this shift ranges between £44,000 and £47,000 per annum (depending on experience). 

What was mad is that there was an electrical bias role paying just £37,500. You will not find a fully qualified engineer at this rate. With this salary, it does feel like they’re playing their luck to see what you would get- especially as it was a multi-skilled role. But even then, it’s too low.   

On Average Days pays £41,037 

This average salary for Days is great to see. With its 10% increase from the last set of research, it’s now quite a bit higher than the minimum expectation of £35k – which is brilliant. Especially as so many engineers want Day Shifts.  

The lowest paid advert was £36,000 for a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. A reason why this is low is because it’s a mechanical role, as this (in my experience) pays less than all the other biases. So, this is really what I would expect to see.  

All in all, pleasantly surprised by this. My only concern would be how difficult recruiting for this shift could become. As if the average keeps rising, SMEs will struggle to keep up with the big boys.  

On average Mon – Fri pays £39,820, and Mon – Fri Days pays £35,554 

These shift patterns were a little deceptive. As they could potentially cover some level of unsociable hours – especially the Mon – Fri shift. So, the fact that the salaries are lower than the Days average above is concerning.  

Really the Mon-Fri Days should be hitting that £40,000 mark. Mon-Fri on the other hand should be over £40k, as this shift is more likely to include unsociable hours – as in this could also include shifts like Panama. 

An important take-away from this shift is: be honest with the hours of work. As in, what times will engineers be working on a Mon-Fri? Otherwise, you’ll be wasting engineers time and that will hamper future hiring campaigns.   

I’ve got one engineer at the moment, who has just qualified with an HNC who wants £40k for days only. If a shift had a mix of days and nights, then the salary would need to be above £45k – and they have 2 years of experience as part of their training.  So you can see how these advertised roles are really falling behind what engineers want.  

On Average Panama Shifts Pay £47,345 

£47,345 is around what I would expect for a Panama shift. If I had to nit-pick this should be at £48,000, but it’s basically there. What was really interesting is that 91% of the adverts that wanted a Panama shift were manufacturers. I’d expect this to be closer to the 60% mark because Derby is so heavy on the distribution side and manufacturers normally favour the 4 on 4 off shift.  

It was brilliant to collect data on this shift. As engineers do like this one and we didn’t get enough last time. Looking forward to seeing how this shift changes over the course of the next 6 months.

So, To Summarise The Average Maintenance Engineer Salary in Derby 

For Derby, most of the averages were at the lower end of what I would expect, apart from the odd few.  

If I’m honest, another reason why this average could be lower is because some companies will put out an advert at its lowest to see what they can get. If they get a gem for less that’s a win for them. But this tactic doesn’t tend to work.  

Also, there are some bigger companies that are making redundancies or reducing salaries because of a downturn in production. So, this could be another reason why the averages are running low in the area.  

In terms of what is going to happen with salaries. Well, I’m of the opinion that they need to continue going up. The skills gap is getting bigger and bigger. So, as we sink into it more, everyone is going to be feeling the pain. As a result, companies will need to up their salaries to attract engineers- as the area has a lot more available in comparison to Leicester.   

If it doesn’t go up, then engineers will have to take a drop – which will either be forced through redundancy or out of necessity.  

Derby is a city that will have to play catch-up in terms of salaries. With the SMEs needing to think outside of the box in how they adapt their packages to attract engineers, as they won’t be able to compete on salary alone. 

But I’m at the average – why can’t I hire? 

Sitting at the average isn’t always a good thing, as that’s where most of the competition is. In this market, you really need to be paying well above this. Not so much for the engineers who are active on the market, but to attract those engineers who are in work – as people won’t move for a couple of grand. 

Obviously, if you can’t increase your salaries then you might feel a bit stuck. But you can help elevate your package by thinking about the benefits you put in place. This is something that I can help you with when hiring, I work with a lot of clients to showcase what good packages look like in their area. Also, if you are updating your benefits package then this will also help you retain engineers as well – so it’s really a win-win. 

If you’d like more help with this, check out our engineering recruitment services today! 

But wait, there’s more to salaries in Derby! 

This blog just focuses on what companies are advertising, and it only covers some of the key points – it would be way too long otherwise. 

To get a full picture of salaries in the area, and the East Midlands as a whole, you should download our full report today! We will also be updating this with how much engineers we’re working with are actually on, which will be interesting to compare! 

Also, you should check out my blogs on the average salary in Leicester and Nottingham. As it’s always best to see what else it out there. But if you’re actively looking for work then you should look at our current Maintenance Engineer jobs.