Maintenance Engineer Salary in Leicester

Danielle Bridgewater

Now, let’s talk about salaries in Leicester- the unexpected winner of salaries in the East Midlands.  

Over the course of Q2 and Q3 I reviewed 131 adverts and spoke with 73 engineers about their salary expectations. So, we have a fantastic data set to review. 

In fact, the average salary we found is 10.6% higher than what Indeed is sharing. Indeed’s average likely included facilities, field, and fitter roles. So, compared to our findings, it is a less accurate representation of a Maintenace Engineers salary in Leicester. 

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Let’s start off with an overview of the city.  

An overview of the Leicester: £44,151 

Leicester has seen a huge jump from last time, at 6% (it was at £41,524). Which is insane, even the breakdowns are where I would expect them: 

Shifts Average – £44,593

Days Average – £41,848

To give you more scope into just how competitive salaries in Leicester are for attracting Maintenance Engineers, here are the percentages of companies that paid below the minimum engineers would look at: 

£43,000 for 4 on 4 off

17% paid below this

£35,000 for Days

6% paid below this

As you can see, hiring for these shifts is super competitive. But, the average knocks both of these out of the park so it isn’t too surprising. 

The fact that salaries are where they should be, in my eyes, is a good thing. But it isn’t the pay rate that is the issue in Leicester, it’s actually finding the engineers. There just seems to be no engineers on the market (either passive or active). So those that are looking have so many options available to them, it makes attracting them to your role that bit more difficult! 

But let’s get into what salaries look like in Leicester.  

The Average Salary for an Electrical Maintenance Engineer – £44,151 

Leicester salaries are a strang one, as they aren’t far off where the minimum should be. Also, there was only a 0.8% decrease from last time. That being said, to actually hire someone you will need to pay more. As engineers won’t move for the same rate they’re currently on. 

Let’s look at the average per shift and days to see how they compare: 

Shifts Average – £43,824

Days Average – £45,133

Now, the days average is huge and this could be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it could be that some of the salaries included their shift/bonuses in the salary but didn’t disclose this.  Secondly, there are some companies who are not the best to work for (because of their industry) so they will up the salaries to compensate. Either way, salaries at this rate are uncommon and it does make it harder for engineers to move – as they’re guaranteed a pay drop if they do. 

The Average Salary for a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – £44,786 

Mech roles saw a 6% increase from last time. But that could be because I found some really high mechanical roles, one was for a 3-shift paying £53,000. Now, this is great to see. But it makes it so much harder for other companies (like SMEs), as how can you compete with a salary like that.  

The breakdown of shift and days was similar to what Electrical Engineers can expect:

Shifts Average – £44,761

Days Average – £44,900

A reason why these salaries could be so high is because. Only 13% of the roles in Leicester ask for this bias, so even a couple of high salaries would bump up that average.  

Over the course of the next 6 months, I wouldn’t be surprised if mech roles either decrease or stagnate in terms of salary growth. 

The Average Salary for a Multi-Skilled Engineer – £43,114 

It’s interesting that Multi-Skilled salaries came at the bottom of the list. As I’d expect these to sit below Elec roles, as you can turn your hand to either bias. But it was good to see that it did have a 5% increase from last time.  

The salary breakdown based on shift or days is exactly where I’d expect the minimum to be: 

Shifts Average – £44,775

Days Average – £40,780

It was also interesting to see that having a bias to either elec/mech paid similar amounts at £45,951 and £45,607. Again, this could be because of having a smaller data set in comparison to multi-skilled, (50% wanted a multi-skilled bias) as just 5% wanted multi/mech and 14% wanted multi/elec.  

We’ve had a look at the minimum average salary each of the biases could earn. Now let’s turn our attention to shifts. 

What do the Shifts Pay engineers? 

Again, there is a rich mix of shifts available to engineers in Leicester. I suspect that this is because there is quite a bit of variation of industry in the area. But here are some interesting points: 

  • 9 shifts on offer to engineers in Leicester 
  • Most advertised shift was 4 on 4 off 
  • Least advertised, Rotating, Panama, Nights 
  • 10% of adverts didn’t have a shift – which isn’t terrible. But still not ideal.  

So, let’s talk about what the most common shifts in Leicester are paying their engineers on average. 

3 shift – £45,581 

Now this is not a bad average for 3 shifts. We weren’t able to collect enough data on this shift last time. So, it is interesting that there are more that we can use this time, I’m unsure if the same can be said for the next time we do the research.  

Something that doesn’t really surprise me is the 71% of the multi-skilled roles in 3 shift wanted an electrical bias. This skillset is sort after by clients, as you can generally train these guys on the mech side (if that’s what they want). But it’s also more difficult to find, due to their being more stringent qualifications needed for the bias.

4 on 4 off – £46,262 

If you’re after a good engineer, then this is the bare minimum you’ll need to get them to move on a 4 on 4 off shift. Some will move for that £43,000. But most are already on this so need that uplift to move.  

But another 6% increase from the last of research, is great to see. I’ve been working with two clients on this shift, one paying £41,000 and the other £42,000 and both are struggling at these rate. 

What was interesting that that this shift had a strong mechanical presence. I know I keep saying this, but most clients want an electrical skillset. Mechanical roles are more associated with things like heavy industry. So it could be that this industry had a hiring spike over the past 6 months.  

Days – £43,428 

Day shifts had a juicy 11% increase from the last research I did. So, for the highly qualified and experience engineers – especially electrical engineers- this is what you’d need to be paying in order to get them to move.  

This shift also had a high percentage of companies giving salary as a range, at 31%. Now, this is quite a smart move. As you can attract engineers at either scale, then tailor the salary based on skill set.  

The fact that the average is so much higher that minimum of £35k, shows just how competitive recruiting for this shift is. Salaries are the first thing engineers look at when job searching, so it makes sense that this is the first thing to skyrocket. Additionally, 81% of adverts wanted multi-skilled engineers who want higher salaries anyway.  

Double Days – £38,607 

The average pay for Double Days is just blagging my head. Not only because it’s one of the favoured shifts, as people normally want just a Monday – Friday and there is no guarantee that this shift will be that. But it’s also lower than the day shift, which is mad as there is that unsociable working aspect.  

Now, I know quite a few clients in the Leicester area who do pay too low for this shift. I was working with one who was paying £43,000, they had no extra fancy bits in the package and wanted someone with qualifications.  

The average could be so low because companies may also be implementing some type of bonus to uplift it. So, for example, if the basic was £37k with a 17% shift bonus then the take-home would be £43,000 per annum. Which is a lot more respectable. Around 41% of organisations did include some overtime or bonus structure in their adverts, but these were actually for the higher paying adverts. So maybe this isn’t why the average is so low! 

Mon – Fri (£39,550) and Mon – Fri Days (£41,520)  

These shifts are about where I’d expect them. But it does depend on what you want as an employer. If you’re after someone with 7 years of experience in your industry then you won’t find someone. But if you’re open with your requirements, then this should be ok. 

The Mon-Fri one though is a little confusing, as this could include shifts like 3 shifts. In which case, this salary would be too low. So, a key takeaway would be to be open and transparent with what the shifts actually are. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of annoyed engineers on the phone and that will damage your hiring reputation.  

What is going to happen with salaries in Leicester? 

In Leicester, the numbers are where they need to be. But it’s the people that you need to attract and that’s where things become more difficult because of the skills gap. 

So, what can business do? Well salary is important, but you also need to think about things like the extra earning potential within your job and how you position this in your adverts.  

Additionally, looking at your wider benefits package can also help attract engineers to you. This is particularly important when you aren’t able to keep increasing your salaries. Things that I’m finding engineers care a lot about now is: 

  • Improved healthcare options, even offering discounted private healthcare 
  • Enhanced holiday packages 
  • Christmas shutdown.  

Truthfully, the market has got to turn at some point. Things can’t keep going on as they are, but I don’t see that happening soon. And, despite the salaries being about where they should be, I do think that salaries will continue to increase. As it’s the first thing engineers see, so you want that to be competitive.  

So, if you’re paying the average and wondering why you can’t hire. It’s because you’re not standing out in the market. You do need to go that little bit further than the average, and your competitor, and if you’re unsure how to do this then reach out. It’s something I help my clients with all the time.  

Looking for where to go next? 

Well, you should check out my blogs on Nottingham and Derby to see how Leicester compares. Don’t forget to download the full report that’s a more thorough insight into the area! But, if you in the market for a new role then you should check out our current Maintenance Engineer jobs.