Have you considered Night Shifts? Here’s why you should!

Adam Dolman

So you’re an Engineer looking for a new job and you’re considering changing shifts. Yes you’ve thought about days, double days or continentals but here’s why you should consider Night Shifts:

  • Typically no weekends! Never miss out on sports or family time at weekends.
  • It’s more productive. With less people in the factory, less interruptions – you’ll get more done!
  • Routine- it’s easier to plan things in your personal life compared to a Panama or continental shift, although some night shifts are 4 on 4 off, the majority are Sunday to Thursday / Monday to Friday.
  • More Money! Generally permanent night shifts are more lucrative.
  • Faster, less stressful commute. Typically less traffic driving to work in the evening/night. You’ll be on your way home when others are going to work!
  • More time for personal errands. You won’t need to book a day off to get your car MOT’d or serviced.

Although 90% of our vacancies are Days, Double Days, Panama, Continental or the shifts. We do get a number of night shift vacancies come in every month and we’re always looking to talk to candidates who are open to it!

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