Hiring Insights: Maintenance Engineers in the West Midlands

Hannah Kirk

Recruitment campaigns now cost more and there are several factors to this. For example, job boards increasing their advertising fees, the need to promote your business to passive talent and the time it takes to onboard new hires. On top of this, the hunt for engineers is only growing. With most of the workforce set to retire within the next 5 years, now is the time to look into how you can attract those that are joining the industry.

As an engineering recruitment agency, we’re always looking for new ways that we can better support organisations. With the market the way it is at the moment, we wanted to focus on analysing the current landscape and then identify opportunities for businesses. So, we decided to delve into what your competitors offer engineers in the West Midlands. To do this, we analysed hundreds of job adverts (192 to be precise) on Indeed, CV-Library, Reed and our roles

This series will go through what:

  • Maintenance engineer salaries in the west midlands (including bonus/shift allowances);
  • Shift (including overtime and any extra hours);
  • Holiday and Pension contribution;
  • The training and progression opportunities that are being offered; and
  • What benefits your competitors are offering engineers at the moment.

Throughout this series, our West Midlands recruitment experts will provide their thoughts on how you can use this information to attract engineers to your roles.

To make it that bit easier to digest these hiring insights, we will be releasing it as a bi-weekly series. You can quickly access each article below!

Hiring Insights: Maintenance Engineers in the West Midlands

A Summary of Maintenance Engineers Employment Packages

In summary, the packages offered to maintenance engineers in the West Midlands are varied. As a result, there is a range of opportunities for businesses (of any size) to capitalise on. However, the needs of engineers are constantly changing. So, businesses should regularly review their packages to make sure that they remain competitive. The key to this reviewal process is to keep engineers involved in the process, by asking them about their recruitments. But, we will continue to support you as you navigate this evolving recruitment landscape. By running this campaign throughout the year, sharing our insights and

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