New specialism launches at Stirling Warrington

Chloe Scarano

Welcome to the team Dylan!

We have another new recruiter starting at Stirling Warrington! Dylan is joining our engineering division, but will be exploring a new area – the Lift and Escalator sector. 

The Lift and Escalator industry within the UK is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% between 2022-2028, we’re really excited to open this new recruitment focus and see what great opportunities it’ll bring.

More about Dylan

It’s an interesting career shift after studying Fashion and Textiles at Burton and South Derbyshire College. Dylan really enjoyed his Fashion and Textiles course but could already feel the burnout from the industry. He wanted to try something new – that’s where we come in! A friend of Dylan’s worked in recruitment and suggested he try it as a new career path. 

Stirling Warrington really stood out to him and he had set his sights on getting a foot in our office door. Like our other recent recruit, Connor, he attended our assessment centre for the position. Even at that early stage, you could see Dylan’s interest in recruitment and hunger to achieve.

Dylan did a lot of research before joining the industry. With so many recruitment agencies around, he wanted to share why he chose Stirling Warrington:

I joined Stirling Warrington because it hosts an extremely positive and uplifting company ethos. After researching recruitment agencies, I knew with confidence that Stirling Warrington was the place to get my recruitment journey underway!

I joined recruitment to meet more people and help bridge the gap between people’s current jobs and their dream jobs. To be a helping hand in someone achieving their dreams is something I feel very passionate about, and look forward to being a first-hand help.

I look forward to the challenges in the road ahead and am excited to overcome them. I hope to become a talented recruiter like my colleagues. Uniting people and their dream jobs is the true reward of recruitment, this excites me more than anything!

What this means for SW and our clients

Thanks to Dylan joining the agency, we are expanding into a whole new market! We can now offer our five-star recruitment service to companies looking for Lift and Escalator Engineers, expanding in the engineering sector.

With more than 500 Smart Cities being built, the Lift and Escalator industry is playing a huge part in the urbanisation and modernisation of the UK. The need for engineers in the sector is growing at a rapid rate and the mass of new construction projects will only surge the industry. 


We are delving into a new area of recruiting, but feel reassured knowing our existing team’s flexible nature and motivation to become the best in the industry will lead to us excelling in the Lift and Escalator industry. Plus, we already have our established specialists in Engineering and Building Products. This will equip us with the skillset and know-how to successfully recruit in this new area.