Our Engineering Recruitment Team Welcomes New Member

Original post date: August 23, 2022
Adam Dolman

How time is flying! It’s nearly September and we’re welcoming another new member to the team. This time Connor Page is joining our engineering recruitment team. 

Connor actually attended one of our group assessment centres. We typically run these for our entry-level recruitment jobs because, at this level, it is all about the soft and transferable skills a person has. So, we utilise the activities in our assessment centres to gauge if a person will be a good fit for our company and the role. From the getgo, we could see that Connor would be a great recruiter.

But, we’d like to take a moment to talk a little bit about Connor and what he’ll be doing at Stirling Warrington.

About Connor – Our new Engineering Recruitment Consultant

Connor attended Sheffield Hallam University and studied History, achieving 2:1 honours from this degree. However, this was still in the midst of the pandemic. After he graduated Connor took a role in the local covid track and trace centre as a lead fire marshal and tester. This job taught him a lot about auditing procedures and how to handle difficult situations. It might seem a strange career to go into after graduating. But, for Connor, it was more than just a job. It was an opportunity to help and give back to the community, which is something that he’s passionate about. This value aligns well with recruitment, as by supporting clients and candidates you’re able to help communities to thrive.

C Page Joins the team Working in our Engineering Recruitment Team

We asked Connor what he was looking forward to in his role as a Graduate Recruitment consultant. This is what he had to say:

“I’m really looking forward to my future with Stirling Warrington and excited for the opportunities that will come from this role. I believe I can live up to the high standards of our company and I’m eager to prove this in my work. I really enjoyed my time working with the public during the pandemic and I’m excited to meet some of the hard-working folk of the West Midlands!”

What it means for Engineering Recruitment in the West Midlands

Connor joins our engineering recruitment team, who collectively covers the whole of the Midlands and Leeds. However, each one of our recruitment consultants covers a specific area as part of this. We do this as it enables our team to learn what unique challenges there are, create niche candidate pools and understand all parts of the roles we recruit for. On top of this, it also creates autonomy to work on their area without fear of stepping on someone else’s toes. 

One of our focal points is the West Midlands, an area that is covered by our Engineering Recruitment Manager Jonny. This is however a huge patch to cover, so, Connor will be joining to support this area to bolster the support we can offer in this part of the UK.

One last thing

We wanted to finish off by giving Connor a huge welcome to the Stirling Warrington team!

We’re in the middle of an exciting phase and are well on our way to becoming one of the best recruitment agencies in the Midlands. Well, that’s according to our Google Reviews -we’ve just hit 5* out of 115 reviews!

Engineering Recruitment Manager Jonny Gardner who covers recruitment in the west midlands
Engineering Recruitment Manager Jonny Gardner who covers recruitment in the west midlands

Jonny Gardner, who will be working closely with Connor and his development into an Engineering Recruitment Consultant, had this final message to share.

“The West Midlands is a huge patch to cover and it’s one that’s fiercely competitive due to the county being a hub for manufacturers. So, Connor joining the team is really going to support the existing recruitment offering we have. I’m certainly excited to work with him in this area and see him grow into a full 360 Recruiter! Welcome to the team, Connor!”