Our Service Expands- White Collar Recruitment

Adam Dolman

Engineering recruitment has always been our bread and butter. Since we started in 2017, we’ve placed hundreds of Maintenance Engineers into manufacturers across the Midlands and Yorkshire. However, we’re always thinking about how we can add more value to those we work with. What other areas of their business can we support? What other pain points can we lessen so that they can focus on growth? 

For us, the best answer we can find is to expand the services we provide. With our latest hire, we’ve been able to do just that! 

Today, we welcomed Natasha Bates to the Stirling Warrington team. Having spent over 9 years finding talent within the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales sectors, Tash has joined our team as a Senior Recruitment Consultant to support our clients with white-collar recruitment.

So, what recruitment can we support now?

Jobs in Sales Engineering 

Sales jobs in engineering will focus on supplying products and services that solve a business’s problems. These can be highly technical roles, as a result, salespeople in engineering and manufacturing need to have strong technical knowledge. 

Typical roles: Technical – Sales Engineer, Technical Sales Manager, Technical Sales 

Jobs in Engineering Applications  

Primarily, roles within applications focus on designing and improving software. As a result, these roles often liaise with teams within engineering, sales and customer service to determine what customers want. In some cases, they’ll also be involved with technical support cases  

Typical roles: Applications Engineer, Pre-Sales Engineer 

Jobs in Engineering Design

Design roles in an engineering setting are so varied. However, all will involve using technical, mathematical and design abilities to develop solutions to unique problems. With each task, design engineers will need to think about cost-effectiveness, user experience and environmental standards. This is on top of the everyday challenges that come with design. Typically, engineering design roles are involved in project-based roles. Exploring the process from the first concept through to development.

Typical roles: CAD Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Development Engineer, Systems Engineer 

Jobs in Production

Roles within production tend to focus on supervising and improving the production processes at the site. Often, this includes training and supporting the engineering teams, implementing plans to maximise production efficiencies and drawing up safety protocols. In essence, roles within production keep the site running smoothly. 

Typical roles: Production Manager, Production Supervisor – Team Leader, Production Controller, Production Planner, Buyer, Works Manager 

Jobs in Health and Safety 

Health and Safety isn’t just a legal requirement for businesses. It’s an important role that affects more of the chain than you might think. Of course, roles in health and safety do focus on protecting workers. However, good health and safety practices also provide a competitive advantage by helping to build trust and reputation. It can even help attract new customers and hires that want to work with ethical manufacturers.

Typical roles: Health and Safety Manager, H&S Advisor, SHEq Manager/coordinator 

Jobs in Quality

Having high-quality products and services is so important to modern-day companies. Gone are the days of thinking if we produce, we earn more. Now, businesses need to ensure that they listen to their customers to produce high-quality solutions. However, roles in quality go that one step further to improve what a business offers during the development process. If done correctly, roles in quality can have an enormous impact on a company’s bottom line. 

Typical roles: Quality Engineer, Quality Manager 

Jobs in Service and Installation 

It’s all about installing, maintaining and upgrading specialist machinery in these roles. As a result, these roles need a strong knowledge of mechanical and electrical processes to be able to resolve problems.

Typical roles: Service Engineer, Installation Engineer, Installation Coordinator 

In Summary… 

It’s an exciting moment for our agency, as we can now better support our existing and new customers with specialist engineering recruitment. However, we wanted to get Tasha’s thoughts on what it means to be part of the SW team and how she hopes to support our customers.  

“I’m very excited to join Stirling Warrington. Joining as a white-collar recruitment specialist will be a great addition to the existing engineering offering that the team has, as they already cover the maintenance side across the Midlands and Yorkshire. It’s going to be amazing to work with a forward-thinking business and I’m looking forward to a long and successful career at Stirling Warrington”