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Original post date: September 18, 2023
Adam Dolman

We’ve recently sponsored Hinckley Rugby Club, so I wanted to have a little chat about this. 

Hinckley Rugby Club, established in the 1800’s, is a fantastic club. But in our eyes, it’s more than just a rugby club- it’s a community. With many teams from Juniors to their First team playing in National League 2, it’s a massive part of the local area.

Why have we sponsored them? 

Well, I was welcomed into the club as a teenager when I moved to the local area and enjoyed a good few years there. Like any team sport, Rugby adds a lot of value to those who participate. Including developing discipline and confidence, to creating connections and friendships for life. 

For the club, sponsorship enables them to keep competing at a high level. But something that is just as important, is the value that this creates for the younger players and families. As a company, it’s great for our team to be able to get involved in the community. It’s also great for our brand locally. 

So, I’d recommend sponsoring teams within the local areas to all businesses. But as individuals, it’s key to do your bit. Even if it’s to just attend a game, it all helps. 

As well as sponsoring the club, we’re aiming to get to as many games as we can. As every sponsorship package comes with tickets – it’s a great day out for families or teams within businesses. 

What Are We Planning Next?

As part of our CSR strategy for 23/24 we want to do more. And we are looking for more ways to give back to the industries and communities we support. From joining trade associations to sponsoring and getting involved with other local sports teams. We want to be an agency that does the right thing for our candidates, clients and communities.  

So, get in touch to start a conversation with us today if you have an opportunity you think we can support.  

Psst… with the World Cup on, we’ve really been feeling that rugby spirit. So have created these wall charts to keep track of who is winning. We have a couple left, so message us if you’d like one!