Recruitment Engineering in the Midlands – Leicester Recruiter Joins the Team! 

Original post date: May 22, 2023
Jonny Gardner

We’ve always had a strong presence in the Midlands as an engineering recruitment agency. After all, we’re all working towards being the best recruitment agency in the area. However, Leicestershire is an area that we’ve not worked in too much. Which is strange as it’s where we are based! 

But that has changed. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve welcomed another experienced recruiter to the team! Danielle Bridgewater has joined the team to handle engineering recruitment in Leicestershire. 

A little bit about our Leicester Engineering Recruitment Specialist  

It all started during the pandemic for Danielle. Like many others, it changed things for her, and she felt she had lost her way a little. She saw so many people lose their jobs, a feeling she understood as the company she started her career within went into administration, and she wanted to help those who went through the same thing she did. 

So, after gaining invaluable customer service and management experience within the travel industry, she joined the recruitment world. For the past 2 years, she’s been working as a specialist engineering recruiter. Like many in recruitment, she did fall into what she does. But after working in the sector, she wouldn’t look back as the engineering industry is so interesting. 

What will Danielle do in our Engineering Recruitment Team? 

Danielle will focus on recruiting in the Leicestershire area, supporting engineering and manufacturing businesses that are recruiting for: 

  • Maintenance Engineers (Multi, Elec or Mech Bias) 
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors 
  • Engineering Managers  
  • And more 

For her, recruitment is all about that personal touch. Rather than getting straight to the punch of the conversation, she’ll find common ground or just something to talk about. Even going as far as calling them to see how their cat got on at the vets. Why? Well, helping people find a job that works for them is more than just a tick box. It’s about understanding what drives a person or organisation.  

Why Stirling Warrington? 

There are a few agencies out there. So, we wanted to know why Danielle decided to join us. This is what she shared: 

Stirling Warrington felt like the right place to be. The company is thriving and continuously growing and is known in the market. I also asked around to see what others thought, and the feedback was all positive. Not only that but there are also so many people to learn from. I’m looking forward to working in a new team. A team with an abundance of experience for me to soak up! It’ll help me build on my own confidence and speak with new candidates and clients.  

And to be honest, people buy people, and I bought into Adam and Jonny quickly 🤣 

What’s Next? 

It’s a really exciting step for our engineering recruitment team. As Danielle working in Leicestershire will help us to strengthen the support we offer in the Midlands. To kickstart what Danielle will be doing with us, she’ll be sharing her thoughts on the Leicester salary data that was collected in Q1. It will be great having another expert to help support our customers! 

On top of this, she’s already working with engineers that are looking for their step and is working on building a client base in the area. So, if you’re open to work as a Maintenance Engineer, reach out today!