New Technical Engineering Recruiter Joins The Team

Natasha Bates

The end of Q2 is quickly approaching, it seems like it was only yesterday when I joined the Stirling Warrington team to set up their technical engineering desk. 

Now, I get to welcome another member to that team! Please join us in welcoming Tom Lowe to the team!

More About Our New Technical Engineering Recruitment Consultant. 

Tom’s joining us with engineering recruitment experience. He previously worked on blue-collar roles in a temporary or contract capacity. But, in this role, things will be a little different for him. 

Having worked with people for the entirety of his career, helping them to achieve their own personal goals, recruitment was a job that closely matched all his skills. But why take the jump? Well, recruitment presented a unique opportunity to adapt his skills further whilst doing a job he thoroughly enjoyed.   

Engineering is a technical sector that needs in-depth knowledge to be successful as a recruiter. Even though he fell into the sector, he’s stayed because he enjoys talking to skilled people. Learning about their jobs and why they enjoy what they do. It makes recruiting for technical engineering roles fascinating.  

What will Tom be doing in our Technical Engineering Team  

He’ll be joining Paula and will work with a variety of manufacturers, distributors and other engineering businesses. As a technical specialist, he’ll be focussing on roles in the production setting. So will work on: 

  • Production Engineers 
  • Production Managers 
  • Production Quality Control 

Recruitment will always be fast-paced and busy. If you’re not building your talent pools, you’re networking with clients. This is something that Tom has always liked about the industry- working hard to keep on top of it all and find success.  

But, there’s another side that he enjoys. The problem-solving side. Recruitment can present you with a series of hurdles to overcome, not just on a hiring side but personally as well. It’s tackling these hurdles head on whilst not being afraid to adapt that makes a good recruiter, and this is something Tom enjoys. Along with working closely with candidates to identify what their best – even dream – role looks like and matching that to clients. 

Why Stirling Warrington? 

There are an array of recruitment jobs on the market right now. So, why did Tom pick ours above over the rest? This is his response: 

Not only was the opportunity presented intriguing the team appeared to have a great dynamic. After my interview, I was able to speak with them, and soon understood that the working environment closely matches what I was looking for.  

What’s next? 

Now that Tom is here, we can begin to segment our services further. Enabling us to provide a truly specialist recruitment service to clients. He is going to spend some time, building on the existing database of engineers we have and reaching out to employers. Seeing how we can better our services to support them.  

On top of this, Tom will start working with our marketing team to help create valuable content for both candidates and clients to use. Creating materials around salary or employment packages, strategies to tackle the unique hiring challenges of production engineering and advice for engineers. 

I’ve worked with Tom previously and know how hard he works. Having worked in the engineering industry previously, he knows the market and understands how the cogs work together. So, he’ll really be able to hit the ground running.